Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Friday :)

I thought I would share a few of my photo's from a *Week In My Life*
I don't really think I've taken very life is pretty much the same, day in and day out so maybe I'll do a bit more journalling...who knows.
Yesterday as some of you know, as we were headed to Barrie for my chemo treatment we were hit with a flying rock from a stupid dump truck..and this is the result. I'll be pricing windshields but seriously...we won't be able to even buy a new one...until we absolutely have too...the money just isn't there...( I am getting quite sick of this situation...I just can't figure out how to change it as it seems the only way to do that is to have money to make money)
With us sitting at the hospital for over 6 hours, the heat made the crack spread, so it actually looks worse now~
Yesterday I started a new chemo drug...the last 3 rounds were a combination of 3 different chemos and this one is just one..BUT this one can cause nail damage as one of the side effects. In extreme cases it can turn my nails black and they could fall off...AHHHHHHHH I'm a scrapbooker, that can't happen hahahahaha so one thing they have found is that by sitting with your fingers in ice while you get the chemo it slows down the blood flow to the finger tips and prevents this from happening. OK so try sitting with your fingers in ice for a solid hour..OY I had to remove them about 5 times but only for a few seconds at a time. They were so cold they actually felt like they were burning. I'm not complaining...I was bugging the nurses threatening to toss ice cubes at them if they didn't behave~~One of the volunteers came around asking if I needed a drink...I asked for red wine but they were all out~

Don't I look cute in purple gloves hahahahaha. They do offer free TV and free nternet at each chemo bed..but when I tried to access Facebook and Scrap~tures the computer said the site wasn't not allowed and that I could send a request to have it an allowable site and I'd get a response in 48 hours..well I had no intentions of being there in 48 hours so what was the point. Watched HGTV that show. I do believe I'm a bit of a HGTV junkie hahahahahaha
I also started the Herceptin yesterday which was dripped over 90 minutes which is the reason for the long stay. They drip the first one over a longer period to monitor any immediate side effects for which I had NONE (I so rawk~~ ) so next time it'll be dripped over 30 much quicker. The Herceptin is the anti-body to the protein that makes the tumor grow faster and spread more aggressively. Most people have the anti-body...apparently I do lucky can one girl be hahahahahahahaha. The good thing is though, that once the Herceptin treatments are done medically they can state that my cancer will not return with 50% certainty...which is a pretty good number in the cancer world! These treatments will run the same schedule as the chemo so once a week, every three weeks for 15 sessions 45 weeks which I think brings me into March 2011.
I'm also on the final day of this sessions steroid and so far so good. I'm not eating like a horse (although I did buy lots of celery figuring if I was gonna eat lots, it might as well be a veggie full of water hahahahaha) I didn't sleep worth a hoot last night, but like I've said before, I haven't slept worth a crap since December so what's new there. I didn't get out of bed early (well 6:30am if you call that early) because I was stubborn :) I know, shocking eh hahahahahahaha
SO...even after the windshield, the frozen fingers....I still woke up with a smile on my face...I'M ALIVE ...and that my friends should be the very first thought that goes through your mind every morning. As corny as that might sound...every day is a gift ..that why they call it the live it to the fullest. Yep, we are broke, Yep, my pride takes a kick every time I have to borrow money to pay a bill, and Yep, if I could change things with a twinkle of my nose I would but right at this moment, that's not we carry on. We all have crap to deal with...but aren't we lucky we are hear on this earth to deal with it
Keep Smilin'


Sassette said...

T, you look marvelous in your purple gloves! :)

You sure have had your fair share of stuff hitting you and yet you stay so positive! I LOVE it!!!

Hope today is a good day for you!

KrystalCaitlyn said...

Mom, you and your hat are adorable, I want it :)
You are seriously so strong, I love you.

pajl said... have me in tears girl..
You ARE truly my inspiration...
I am not sureI could be so strong!

Love ya my friend

Suzanne said...