Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Hump Day!!!

OK, so I've had a couple of lazy days...I have so many things I'd love to get done...but just haven't had the 'get up and go' to bother but I think today I'm going to start working on some scrappin challenges.

I have officially lost 7.6lbs in 6 weeks...not bad I suppose...although I'm aiming for more hahahahaha. The one 'plus' if there is one about having a lump in a breast as opposed to cancer internally that I can actually feel the changes in the lump...and I have to's shrinking...I can feel the difference..yayyyyyyyyy how awesome is that. Even when I met with the surgeon at Princess Margaret ..she said that was one benefit (if you could call it a benefit) of a breast can usually feel it shrinking~~~I've read a lot of stories and sometimes wondering if the chemo is working can cause anxiety in the person..which I can totally understand. I mean...when I didn't get sick right off the bat...I wondered too if it was doing what it should but I can honestly is :) :) :)

I've read stories where people have said that getting cancer was a good it changed their outlook on life and on other people, the way they think etc. Now, to be honest I read these stories at the beginning of me finding out and my first thought was " YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME"...talked about a 'wacked' outlook hahahahahaha but I do have to really 'don't sweat the small stuff anymore''s just soooooo not worth it. I hate to sound all philosophical but seriously...ENJOY EVERY MOMENT.

I was emailing an acquaintance last night, she's gone through treatments twice ...having non-Hodgkin's lymphoma twice...and she said to me 'a positive attitude will do you better then any chemo or radiation every could' ...WELL THEN...I'll be cured in no time...

OK, enough of this cancer stuff...

Keep Smilin'


Michelle said...

Your friend is right, attitude makes a huge difference!! You will beat it!! I am glad you can tell it is working!! MY FIL has lung cancer. They told him that he would know if the chemo is working as he would feel better.. after his round of chemo was over. Another PET scan showed another tiny lump. He refuses to quit smoking. Frustrating.

Love your bright and sunny attitude!! Hope you can muster up some ambition to do some scrapping!! Hope the rest of your week is great!! :)

Sassette said...

T, it is great that you can feel the change! It helps to know that things are working and keeping such a positive attitude is a plus!

I hope you have found the energy and motivation to get some scrappy time in.