Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Saturday :)

What's up today? I'm working on yet another layout...we are leaving shortly to take a load of rocks from the front of our house to the landfill..then dropping Reece off at yet another sleepover~ I think the only weekend that kid has been home for the entire one in the last 4 months was Easter and that's only because she wanted to get her chocolate..hahahahahahaha

I have a sore on my arm by the P.I.C.C's from the constant bandage covering the site of the line..and it's sooooo freakin itchy. I've had this spot covered with a bandage for two poor, since healing is an issue I'm going to put some polysporin on it with yet another bandage and hope it doesn't get infected cause that would suck.

So, I got an email back from my friend who is going through treatments and YES..we will be taking the same damn steroid. I guess they weren't kidding when they said I likely won't sleep..she hadn't slept in two days..OY Maybe I can dodge that side effect too hahahahahaha

We woke up to snow on our deck...thank goodness it was only a skiff...and it's gone but it's freakin cold out...

Enjoy your day

Keep Smilin'

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