Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here's my house....

as it was in the winter anyway. I do need to get some shots this spring and summer but you can probably guess why I love it. It reminds me of a cabin. I love log houses...and when Sean and I met, we talked about all the things we liked. Funny we both loved log houses and ironically our first house together (that we bought) was log~ He asked me the other day if we could build a new house what would I want...... my answer was log. I would love to be able to build a huge log home...and I mean huge hahahaha..complete with spiral staircase and a loft. Maybe someday!
Anyhoot...when we bought this place the basement wasn't finished. I did speak with a realtor that had seen this house when the previous owner to the guy we bought it from. She asked me one day where I lived and I told her. She started to describe the house exactly and I agreed that yes, that was the house we bought. Then she said " then you go down stairs to a beautifully finished basement"...well you should have seen the shock on my face. So after some inquiry..seems the guy we bought the house from decided one day he didn't like how the basement was done and ripped it all out...decided to re-do it his way. Well unfortunately he didn't have a clue how to do things. If you've ever watched Mike Holmes on HGTV'll know his motto is 'Make It Right' the job right the first time.
We have had to rip out drywall and insulation down here because it wasn't done right, has been wet at some point and was moldy. I said to Sean today...finish ripping it we can at least start over eventually. Now that spring is here, we can get all this crap to the landfill (unfortunately) and work towards doing it properly. He just called me over to show me wires that are supposed to be stapled to the 2x4's with proper wire staples..but the wires were attached using finishing nails that were folded over. OY...Mike Holmes would have a fit hahahaha
Then Sean calls me back in to show me a wire that had some electrical tape wrapped around it. He pulled the tape off (as it was falling off anyway) to reveal a damaged wire. It has been nicked at one point and instead of the goof replacing it...he covered it with the tape. Each wire inside the big wire is coated to prevent arcing...well the coating was off a wire...which could have arced and started a fire...and our 42" flat screen tv was plugged into this wire.
(where are the OMG smilies when you need one)
SO...on the bright side...we did know when we bought this place that it needed work...we also got this house WAY under what it would be worth had it been done which means everything we do increases the value for us...BONUS. Also...Sean knows how to do all the work...from electrical to plumbing to construction...BIGGER BONUS (if he didn't, we wouldn't have bought it)
Glad he found the wire so he can replace it probably before anything bad happens...if this house catches fire...there isn't much else to do but RUN!!!!!
Keep Smilin'


Sassette said...

You are so fortunate to have such a handy man around! Sounds like he has so much work ahead of him, but from what I can tell, he loves it!

Love your house T! It does look like a cabin!

Michelle said...

Don't you just love when your husband is handy?? :) Mine is like that too. But, then so I am.. or atleast I know how it is supposed to be done - alot of stuff, not everything. My dad used to build houses. Learned a bit!! I too love log homes!! I would love to have one on a lake someday!! Just have to win that lottery!! LOL Your home is beautiful!! It does look like a log home/cabin in the woods.. what a peaceful place/area to live!