Friday, April 2, 2010

Holy Heat

but it's so nice to feel it. Unfortunately with treatments I can't be in the sun too much, more susceptible to burning...but it's still nice to have all the windows open wide and airing out the winter blahs.

Nothing really planned for this long weekend...relaxing mostly. Mom said she might have us over Sunday, depending on how I we'll see. I'm content with hanging out here and scrappin.

Reece is in the baking mood :) there are banana muffins in the oven and peanut butter cookies being mixed up as I type...gotta love that she enjoys baking..and she's not quite 13~ I hope that lasts

I think we might have friends popping in today...I haven't decided if I'm going to put the wig on or leave my scarf on. The wig is so darn I'll likely leave the scarf on...who cares what people think hahahahahahaha ....not me :)

Have a super wonderful day..

Keep Smilin'


Michelle said...

Go for the scarf... Hope you are feeling ok today!! So neat your daughter is baking up a storm.. wish mine would! ;) Enjoy your long weekend.

Sassette said...

T, I say go with the scarf and be comfortable!
The weather was gorgeous today and is to continue this weekend. I am so happy about this!
I didn't get any scrapping time in at all today, but we shall see what the rest of the weekend holds. We have no special plans either for the rest of the weekend!