Thursday, April 1, 2010

Long day...but HALF WAY THERE!!!

We checked in at the hospital at 8:40am...and didn't start chemo until 12 noon...they were swamped. With tomorrow being Good Friday they aren't 'open' in the chemo they had to cram two days worth of patients into today. 89 patients in sad is that :( There is just way too much of this happening.

So, on that note...I'm done the first half of the treatments...They call my regimen FEC-D so I'm done the FEC part. Essentially the FEC are three different drugs...the F, the E and the D..all with their own set of side effects..which luckily I have managed to avoid for the most part. With the D apparently nausea and sickness is rare so I will no longer have to have anti-nausea that's a bonus (they cause headaches) BUT I now have to take steroids before getting the D to help offset any allergic reactions to the D...and the D can cause yellowing of finger I found out today that when I am getting the D next time...I will have gloves on and sit with my fingers in buckets of works the same way as if you were out in the cold. The idea is to slow down the blood flow to certain that the drug goes straight to the parts that need it. SO , because it affects the nails, they slow down the blood flow to my fingers, which will hopefully prevent any yellowing, and brittle nails. The D portion also causes body and bone aches...I'm really hoping I don't get that...but if I do...I shall deal with it too...tylenol has become a friend of mine......hard to believe I might have taken 4 tylenol a year before all this...and now I'm popping drugs and shooting drugs left right and center LMAO...but all for the greater good I say :) :) :)

SOOOOOOOOO the weather is so freakin gorgeous....we were all chatting at chemo about how they should have a suite people could be out of the gloom and doom and into bright sunny surroundings while having their treatments...what an awesome idea ~~~

I also stopped to get the mail and received the awesome kit from Scrap~tures...OH time this weekend. I was so hoping I'd get it today...since there isn't any mail delivery until I think Tuesday...and with the PINK rak...It's going to be so much fun to play with all these goodies.

Have a wonderful afternoon and evening...

Keep Smilin'


Sassette said...

That makes for a very long day, T! Glad that you are half way there, and I will keep prayers going that the last half goes smoothly with no side effects.

I can't believe this gorgeous weather we are having, and am looking forward to the weekend!

Hoping to get some scrappy time in too, but not sure how that will go!

Michelle said...

I sure hope you are feeling ok.. I wish they could of brought all of you outside!! Would of been nice to be out in the beautiful weather!! I hope you are feeling up to scrapping this weekend.

I hope this next dose goes smoothly and no ill effects from it. I remember my brother talking of achy joints. He would also feel really bloated.

Wishing you the best scrappy weekend!!

pajl said...

Wow..very interesting stuff T
and half way there!
oh and keep out of the damned sun will ya?
Here's to having lots of good days ...