Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Squirrelly Day One

How do you like that for title hahahahahaha ..I've taken two goes of this steroid and so far so good. I don't feel any different so lets hope I can sleep.

Went for blood work this morning, then Sean and I went to his parents's quite far from where I go for blood but we were already out so figured why not. His dad sells used cars so we were hoping maybe he had something there that was a decent deal. There are a couple that I need to talk to the insurance company about...see how much it is to add it to our insurance. We are looking for something easier on fuel then our Lincoln...but we'll see.

We will be out of here tomorrow fairly early too , so if I'm not around'll know..or at least anyone reading this will know. If I'm up in the middle of this night because I can't sleep...then I might just post and tell you all since I'll be looking for things to keep me company.

Krystal, tell Jeremy his idea of getting an X-Box is a good one, but it would require money...and since I have to borrow money pretty much every month to pay for things, I don't think an X-Box is in our near future LOL

Keep Smilin'


KrystalCaitlyn said...

true! well, you guys have gamecube? lol

Sassette said...

T, you know that I was thinking about you today, and missed you!
I probably won't be around much tomorrow until the evening, so hopefully I can catch up with you then. I will be thinking of you tomorrow......

Michelle said...

Thinking of you!! Glad you aren't too squirrelly!! LOL

pajl said...

Hey T....Thinking of you tomorrow hon!
Keep Strong..Make em laugh~