Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday SUN on a Sunday...

It's pretty overcast sun...and I think the rain is coming...but I guess we need rain too, to help things grow. I can't believe my lawn is covered in dandelions...and it's only April~

I had a terrible sleep last night...achy bones. This new chemo also causes achy bones so with the Neulasta shot and the chemo...well lets just say the bones in my toes ache ..LOL...but small price to pay for health. I keep telling's ok, I'm alive...I can take it~ He wishes there was something he could do to I did when he was hurt. Funny how helpless we feel when we can't fix what's wrong with the people we love.

Nothing really planned for today...hopefully I can scrap but we'll see if it's too uncomfortable to sit here too. I have one layout almost done and a few more on the TO DO list...and I hate having a unfinished TO DO list hahahahahahahaha

We went to our friends 'moving away' dinner last night. She's such a hoot. She's 22 and so full of's a blessing I tell ya! It was fun ..and I'm glad we went. We camped all last summer with these people, and haven't seen them since October so it was worth it.

Have a great day

Keep Smilin'

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Sassette said...

T, it rained here pretty much all day! NO sun on a Sunday, indeed! It was a full headache day today, a continuation from last night, but it was a good day!
There was no scrapping for me today, and now I have no idea when I WILL get a chance to work on the new layout I started. As of tomorrow, I think my TO DO list may be long enough to back me into a