Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunny least so far!!!

Apparently it's supposed to rain later on, I hope not though. We are going to a dinner tonight being put on by a 22 year old friend of ours that is going up *north* for work..for the summer before returning to do another year of college. She's an amazing cook...and making the entire dinner herself, so this should be fun!

Today is Neulasta day too...the $3000 shot in the belly I get to stimulate my bone marrow into making more white blood cells. I have the cutest male nurse to give me the shot though, so who can complain :) It does mean that tomorrow is going to be a bone achy tylenol will be on the menu.

I have so many scrappy projects on my TO DO list ...I can't believe how it keeps me busy. Man, I must have missed alot over the last year and a bit when I hardly scrapped. I really don't want to have to go back to work..if only I could find someone to pay me to stay home hahahahahahahaha

Sean and I have taken one load of rocks to the land fill so far, and he's out there loading up another one. It's going to look so good when it's all done..which with any luck will be next summer. Not really sure how much we'll get done this year with the money not being there, but where he wants to put the door and window, we already have the door and window so who knows, maybe more will get done then what I anticipate. There is a lot of top soil to be moved though...which will be tough doing it by shovel and wheel barrow..but then again, it's only April!

I'm still snapping pics for my 'week in my life''s been kind of fun. I want to make a mental note (we'll see if I remember) to do this this exact time next year. I should be done all treatments and it would be interesting to see who far I've come...I think we should all do it..once a year~!~

Well peeps, I'm out of here for today...have an awesome Saturday...and of course.......

Keep Smilin'

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