Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two more for today

How stinkin cute are these pics...that's my daughter Krystal...just over a year old~~~
I find it hard to scrap my older pics, I wasn't a very good photographer nor did I have a decent camera back then. A lot of them are fuzzy...but I'm doing my best to get them done~Here's Reece..jumping in our leaves. She never wants to help rake them but mess then back up again..and she's game~~

Both these layouts were using the April kit from Scrap~tues

Keep Smilin'


Michelle said...

Isn't fun going back and scrapping the older pics?? Brings back such great memories... I hear you on the pics not being as good. Mine aren't either. I actually took some of my middle DD and scanned them in and cropped them in tighter and reprinted them. Now, to just scrap them!! LOL

Sassette said...

T, you did a super job on both of these layouts. Scrapping those older photos can be very difficult, but you did good, girl!
I love the photos in the first one...way too cute!