Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wasting away on a Wednesday..

or at least that's how it feels LOL...I don't think I've done much of anything but I did I finished this layout up today...for a challenge on Lovebug. I had to use journal strips..this turned out quite well I think. It's simple..using some Bo Bunny that Lisa sent me~~ I also did this layout using American Crafts products for another challenge at Lovebug
There is a contest right now where you get points for posting and doing challenges and you can win the 'loot' You have to pay $5.00 to join ..right now I think the loot is at $30.00 which would be sweet...I could handle that in basically free product. If I win I can buy whatever I want from the store. I thin I'm done with the challenges at Lovebug though...but the draw is wish me luck!!
I've been organizing and deleting photo's from my computer all day. I have tons of Mexico shots..most of which I won't use or print so I've been trying to go through them. Some I've scrapped already so I've deleted them. I have the entire file on a thumb drive and I guess I've uploaded the file a couple times, so it's time to delete for good. I am picking photo's to print and putting them into another file to take to Costco whenever we go. That's the only thing I don't like about digi cams....the pics seem to sit on the computer..and in my opinion...for no reason. I like when I have a film...get it developed and have them in my hand, I can't do that with digi because my printer isn't good enough so I need to get them printed.
While going through the Mexico pics I came across this one....

Senor Frogs is a bar in Playa Del Carmen...and when we visited and saw this sign, I thought it was awesome~~I'd give anything to be back in Mexico...with my toes in the water and my ass in the sand. Someday...maybe not Mexico as Sean and I would like to travel somewhere else next time. We've both said when this entire ordeal is over, we are going celebrate~~
Well that's it for today I think. I'm exhausted...the last few nights of not getting a lot of sleep has finally caught up with me...need to rest~~
Have a wonderful evening and
Keep Smilin'

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Sassette said...

Oh T, you have been really busy today! Love the pages! Good luck with the draw tomorrow! I sure hope you win!!!