Monday, May 31, 2010

Scrap~tures Inspirational Blog Hop~~

Welcome to Scrap~tures first ever Inspirational blog hop!!
Thanks so much for joining us! We are very excited to join the world of blog hopping and hope that you gain lots of inspiration and continue to hop with us!!
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Here is my interpretation of the sketch. I followed it closely but only used two pictures.

I used Bazzill, Scenic Route & Basic Grey PP, American Crafts Thickers, Fancy Pants Ribbon, Karen Foster floss, Around The Block brads, Prima Flowers, Unknown buttons and an EK Success balloon punch.
This blog hop will run from today, June 1st – June 3.
We will be drawing for a winner on June 15th
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Lovebug Blog Hop

Welcome to Lovebug Scrapbooking's "INSPIRE US!" blog hop!! Our blog hops take place on the last Saturday of every month. Thanks so much for joining us!If you just happened by this blog and didn't realize a blog hop was taking place, please go back to Lovebug Scrapbooking and start the Hop. You won'twant to miss all the inspiration from our members....... or the prizes :)
Our theme for May is "Graduation".

Here are two of my layouts...they are a few years old but none the less, they document a very proud moment in my life.

This one is my son...

This layout is about my daughter getting ready for her grad...the dress process...which is a big part of getting ready for graduation!!
Here are a poems for you~!~

If You Believe

Your diploma means a future without boundaries

A world that's full of energy and fun.

So as you reach for all life has to offer.

Remember that you're second to no one.

Pursue your goals, yet keep your loved ones close,

As you utilize your talent and ambition.

Let your friends and family give you their support,

And you'll master every challenging transition.

And always, (graduate's name), know you can achieve

The things you really want, if you believe.

By Joanna Fuchs

This blog hop will run from today, May 29th until June 1st.

We will be drawing for winners on June 2nd.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy Weekend!!

Here are some pics from our weekend.
Reece & Chelsea at the front gate.

Most of the rides aren't in a position where taking pictures is easy. Most are too far away for a regular point and shoot camera. I did manage to get a few though!

And here is my wonderful husband. This is how we spent most of the weekend...sitting and waiting. We waited over an hour for the girls to get onto one ride. We did manage to ride a couple of the rides (Sean isn't a fan of roller coasters to begin with) but the jerking movement just about killed his back and to be honest, trying to make sure my wig didn't fly off was more work then the ride was fun hahahahahahahaha

The fireworks were awesome. I got quite a few shots, but they were by no means perfect. I couldn't use a tripod due to the thousands of people around us..but I think they look pretty cool none the less :) It wil however be the last time we likely stay to watch took 1 1/2 hours to get out of the parking lot afterward. Let me tell ya, there are so RUDE people in parking lots when they want to leave... Yesterday we went out for supper in Barrie and decided to stop by the waterfront for a few photo ops.
Here is my beautiful birthday girl...I am still in slight shock that she's 13 years old!

and of course, we had a motive for taking her to Moose Winooski's..we just had to have her wear the horns!!!

S0, it was a busy weekend, Sean is very sore today..but it was worth it. Thank goodness it's almost too hot to do anything outside today...we've both been just relaxing in the house, staying cool .

Have a wonderful day

Keep Smilin'

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Canada's Wonderland..Here We Come~~

Tomorrow is the day...the day we walk for miles and miles and miles. I should have got a pedometer just to see how many miles we actually do walk when we go to Canada's Wonderland!!

Every year for Reece's birthday, she takes a friend (It's always been Chelsea) and we embark on a day of fun. Thanks to my mom, we are able to do it this year. I had to borrow the money from her to be able to take Reece but I just didn't have the heart to tell her we couldn't. This kid doesn't not ask for anything..she knows how we are financially and she's very good about it. She's been a rock through this stupid cancer thing so I thought asking for the money was warranted. Someday I hope to be able to pay my mom back for everything she's done for us so far. This year the tickets are $42 costs so much to do anything anymore.

Chelsea is staying the entire weekend...she got off the bus Friday afternoon and will be getting onto the bus Tuesday morning. These two girls are the best of friends...they have just giggled and mainly spent the time so far in Reece's room..likely talking about boys hahahahahahaha

I love the rides, although I'm not sure how many I'll go on. I have to be careful of the PICC line getting squished and I'm having trouble decided what to wear on my head. I'm afraid the wig might fly off (which would NOT be a good thing) but on the other hand, I'm really tired of being stared at when I wear the scarf. I guess I'll decide in the morning. I can't seem to convince anyone to ride the Behemoth with me. Sean is not a roller coaster lover and the girls are just big chickens LOL. I went on last year, so I guess I'll have to settle for that. For those that don't know what this ride is about, check it out on YouTube...IT ROCKS!!

There are fireworks at 10pm at Wonderland for Victoria Day so I have figured out the fireworks setting on my camera and will be taking lots of pics.

Well, I'm off, have a great evening...and I'll check in with you all likely Monday~~

Keep Smilin'

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Great News~~

I am officiallly the newest team member at Scrap~tures , a Canadian kit club. Don't let the Canadian part scare you off, she's more then happy to ship anywhere!! This site is owned by my good friend Denise Gay and her husband Greg. Denise is also a full time child care giver so she's already a busy lady. She's asked me to be her 'promotional manager' or BLOG BOSS as I like to call myself hahahahahahaha. I'm excited...I'm hoping to be able to help her make Scrap~tures an awesome site. SO, if you have a few minutes, come on over and check us out. We are a great bunch of ladies with lots of inspiration to keep you going.

First Ever Blog Hop
The first ever inspirational blog hop is going to take place starting with the Scrap~tures blog on June 1st~ Be sure to stop by and participate in our hop, you won't be disappointed~

Breast Crop Ever!!
Taking place at Scrap~tures on June 4, 5 & 6. In support of Breast Cancer, we're all getting together to show our support by cropping for a cause. Denise has graciously donated to Crop For A Cure and thought having a crop at the same time would be a load of fun. Stop by and join in the might even win a prize~~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's next

I'm getting really sick and tired of stuff happening that costs money. Today, our septic started giving us trouble and sure enough, it needs to be boom out the window goes another $250 that we don't have. And I just learned that pumping it didn't fix the problem, we have a blockage now Sean will have to dig out more of the lawn to try and get to the pipes leading to the tank from the house. His back is already screwed from digging out the tank lids this morning. I have never in my life met another couple that NEVER has anything go right for them..EVER!! I'm not trying to whine, but it's just never ending. I just sit here waiting for the next shoe to drop :(
OK, done whining..doesn't do anyone any good and quite frankly, I don't even feel better having done enough of that 'shit' NO PUN INTENDED!!
Here are a couple of things I've created lately. These are the pages to a mini purse book that Lisa over at Scrap~tures posted as her project challenge this month~I made it for Reece to use with pictures of her friends. I love it , it's just so girly~

Here is a shot of the front of it. I used a phone button as the closure..and just tucked the top into it. I might have to find something that'll hold a bit better...but for now it's working

Here is a layout I just completed today for a challenge at Lovebug Scrapbooking~
The pictures weren't very good...but I still wanted to scrap them...I like the way it turned out. The frame sort of hid the bad photo :) The challenge was to use a bird on a Voila..mission accomplished.

I found out today that I won a prize at Scrap Shotz as well for participating in the crop last weekend. The challenges were awesome , I managed to get 14 or 15 done!! At least there was a little good news today :)
Keep Smilin'

Monday, May 17, 2010

Merry Monday :) today I feel great...obviously the pain meds are working.....YAY for me :) Last night I was achy but I only just took a pill at I think it likely takes time to get into the system and start to work. It's very addictive if you are on them for a period of time, but since my aches only last about 4 days I don't have anything to worry about. I slept pretty good, tossed a bit but nothing like last time. I took another pill at breakfast and will take another one at dinner to keep it all in check. I just wanna scream in delight knowing that this part is almost corny as that sounds. It's hard to describe...and I know there will be days after surgery and radiation that are gonna suck too...but it still feels like on the upside of this entire thing...lets home I'm right~~

Nothing much happening today, I have some challenges I'd like to get done...Sean and I have already cleaned the entire upper level of the house (the bottom level is a lost cause hahahahahaha) mopped floors, did dishes, cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed so the rest of the day should be mine to do what I want. Reece should have soccer tonight, depending on homework.

So almost every day, there is something that 'when we get money' we are going to I said to Sean last week, I'm going to start a list...more for the fun of it , to record all these things. Well I started it today hahahahahahaha I'm going to keep it close for a few days and see how many things end up on there..might be quite amusing~~

Have a great day

Keep Smilin'

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Injection day...OY

OK, so Sean got to stab me today hahahahahaha with the Nuelasta injection. One more of these to go as well. So, the aches should start tomorrow..but I'm hoping the new pain meds will help those. He laughs...and says when else can he legally stab his wife :) what a nice hubby eh~~

I already have a metal taste in my mouth...that didn't take long this more thing I won't miss. I think it lasts about 3 days...yuck..even water tastes like metal but oh well...could always be worse :)

Today is a lazy day basically. Reece has a sleepover for this afternoon so Sean and I will be dropping her there, then I'll be scrappin (I know, what else is new hahahahahaha)

Pretty quiet here today, so I'm off to create. Have a super amazing day...and remember..........

Keep Smilin'

Friday, May 14, 2010

OMG, just one more to go :) :) :)

Chemo treatment that freakin awesome is that!!! On June day after my birthday I will go for my final chemotherapy treatment. Man I wish blogger had smilies so I could put a big dancing smilie right here. This is by no means the end of the recovery road, but it does mean that certain parts of my life will return to normal.
First hair which believe it or not has already started to grow back..and is falling out at the same time hahahahaha will start to grow back and stay.
Second...I found out yesterday that even though I have 18 Herceptin treatments (16 left to do) and I was under the impression the P.I.C.C line had to stay in my arm to receive these treatments, it doesn't so after my next treatment on the 3rd, the chemo nurse is going to remove the line from my arm and I can receive the Herceptin treatments through an IV every time I go ..which is once a week, every three weeks...I have good veins. That means my sleeping will become easier. more drugs...I won't have to take any more steroids, or pain meds for leg pain (well after about a week after last treatment) but YAY..I've never been a pill this has been tough to get used to..putting all this stuff into my body. I may have to take a few more pain meds after surgery...but still ...the end of this road is still near.

I feel like the biggest hurdle of this journey is coming to an end soon. There are other hurdles but when you get the diagnosis...the first thought is chemo...and how sick a person can get. I dodged all that...Sweeeeeeeeeet. Even Sean said yesterday he can hardly believe there is only one treatment left. We had braced ourselves for a very tough road health wise with me and shed a few tears because we were very scared. He's so proud of me for how I've handled this entire process so far and that means so much to me...I wish I had words to be able to express to him what it does mean :) I don't know where I would have been without him by my side each and every day. Don't get me wrong, all of friends..the encouraging words..the's all meant so much...but to wake up every single day, spend every single day minute after minute with my best friend, I really couldn't be luckier :)

NOW, one more thing I wanted to mention. While talking with a girl at the hospital yesterday...she's the one that helps with funding of expensive drugs for cancer treatments. She helped us with the part of the Nuelasta drug that Sean's benefits didn't pay (it's a $3000 drug) ...her name is Melissa...she asked me if I was having the surgery in Barrie. I told her no, that I was seeing a surgeon at Princess Margaret. Then I gave her a brief explanation as to why I ended up in Toronto..due to that jackass in Owen Sound. Well, she then tells me they have a surgeon in Barrie ..a female that is a breast specialist!! So, I've asked to have a consult with her. From what I've found through this whole journey is that you have to trust your instincts. I have had very little to do with the medical field in my life but am learning alot along the way. Barrie is an excellent hospital and only 30 minutes from home vs. 1.5 hours. It would be more convenient to be that close. So I'm just waiting to see if she can see me soon enough. I'll let you know how it goes but apparently the entire atmostphere is amazing. Even as you go into the operating room, there is music playing etc...that this surgeon just makes the entire experience soothing and wonderful (well as much as that's possible) It certainly can't hurt to talk to another surgeon and get a feel for what's going to happen. WISH ME LUCK

So I think that's it for now...have a super wonderful all deserve it <3

Keep Smilin'

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Treatment Thursday

It's 4:45am as I type this. Damn steroid hahahahaha I've been awake most of the night...I think I've maybe dozed off for an hour...I tossed and turned, kept Sean up too, so finally got out of bed at 4am. If we didn't have the dog I would have been up sooner, but I'm always worried about waking her up. So far so good...everyone is still sleeping, but me :)

Wow, is it me or does it seem like time is just whipping by. I go today for treatment #5 out of 6. It is just over 5 months since that day..when I found the lump and my life changed forever....5 months..unbelievable. So, looks like I'll be sporting some pretty purple gloves again today and freezing my fingers but it's all for the greater good. My nails have survived for the most part...they are brittle but they didn't turn black and fall off...Man, that would be really bad for a scrapbooker I would think hahahahahahaha. The chemo takes about an hour to get, then the Herceptin that I have to have takes about 30 minutes. Last time the Herceptin took 90 minutes. They give it slow the first time to see if there are any immediate side effects which there weren't so it'll be faster. So once chemo is done, I'll only be there for 30 minutes ..which will be nice!!

Reece is off to St. Catharines today for a trip to Brock University. It's an overnight school trip. She gets to participate in a Leadership program then explore Clifton Hill and the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. They get to stay in the dorms at the university too. She is so excited, I'm surprised she isn't out here with me hahahahahahahaha
Of course, she's been TOLD to take her camera ..momma-razzi wants some pics baby~~
Hard to believe this school year is almost done too...that'll be 8 fulls years of perfect attendance for my girl. Even the principle is on board and knows. She has past teachers that bug her about taking days off (all in good fun of course) When she graduates next year with perfect attendance...there is going to be a wicked celebration I tell ya..I think I'm even going to call the local tv station. I think she deserves it!!

I created 3 layouts yesterday...and I've got tons more on my list. I figure once I go for surgery my mojo is going to have to take a back seat for a bit while I heal so I want to get as much done now as I can. That's my story and I'm sticking to it hahahahahahahaha

well, It's almost what should I do. All my scrap stuff is downstairs with the dog so that's out of the question....I guess I'll blog hop and see what everyone is up to

Have a wonderful day

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few snapshots to share...

First I wanted to show you a shot of this fence. I'm not sure if this is neat or tacky's not my style for a fence around my yard, but it is certainly unique~and here are a couple shots of the foxes that have decided to make there home in a culvert at the end of my driveway. There are 4 pups and the mamma. I'm surprised she'd want to be this close to people, cars and our yappy dog but it doesn't seem to bother her at all~~

Here is the momma with a couple of the babies. We were sitting right on the road (that's my driveway behind the tree) when I took the shots. She didn't even move. I'm not sure if this is a good thing, having her here or not. We have to be careful with our dog, I think Maya would kill them if she got to we keep her tied up in the back yard where she can't even see them. They are fun to watch, playing and jumping on each other. The momma usually goes hunting for food after lunch..and the babies snuggle in the culvert for their afternoon nap~~

Nothing much happening for the rest of today...did blood work this morning and now I'm working on a challenge for Lovebug Scrapbooking.
Have a great day
Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Totally Tuesday :)

Two more of my layouts. The first one is at my 'birth' sisters wedding...that's my 'birth' father in the picture too. I consider myself really lucky to have been at this event, and to have met my 'birth' family!!This layout is both my girls :) Aren't they just beautiful :)
So, not much happening today....working on my to do list...or rather there are two of them scrapping list and one with everyday stuff to do. It's chemo week, so blood work tomorrow and chemo Thursday. I do think I'll be asking for stronger pain meds for the bone aches. The tylenol which usually works great on me, barely took the edge off last time. They did tell me at the hospital that if the tylenol didn't work to call them and they'd send in a prescription for something stronger. I don't like taking anything ( they fill me full of drugs hahahahahahaha) but I also don't like being in that much pain...I'm a complete wimp when it comes to pain (hard to believe I had 3 all natural child births...OY) but I'll be the first one to admit I have no pain tolerance hahahahahahahaha. I also start the steroid we'll see if it reacts any differently this time. Last time the first night I didn't sleep well but I wasn't up all night, I didn't eat like a horse or feel squirrelly...which is what the nurse told me would happen.

Anyway, back to my lists...have a wonderful day

Keep Smilin'

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

This is what it looked like from my terrace doors this morning..I'd like to say it's pretty, but not in May!!and this is a shot of my bleeding heart.
Sean just made me cinnamon french was so yummy!!! Nothing planned for today except more scrapping. I think I did 4 layouts yesterday...and I've already finished one today. My mojo is definitely working overtime :)

Have a great day

Keep Smilin'

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Here are some of the layouts I did for NSD last weekend!!

Nothing else really happening , just creating lots :) Next week is chemo week again...times sure is flying!!
Have a wonderful Saturday
Keep Smilin'

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some people just don't think...

so this morning I get a text from a 'friend' that I haven't head from in over a month. She is thinking that today was the day I would go to the city and was wishing me well. I told her that nope, in face it was yesterday so she's starts asking me it went etc. Then her final question is 'Are they taking the lump or the entire breast' correct me if I'm wrong, but whose business is that information? Pretty sure it's mine and my husbands and no one else's. What would possess someone to ask that sort of question? I swear people are fascinated by the thought of someone losing a body part...myself..I'd be more concerned with the persons health then whether or not they were going to have something amputated. Now, if you are a close friend and you asked, I'd likely tell you..if I thought you were concerned about me as a person..but I do know that this person is only asking so she has something to tell everyone she comes in contact with which pisses me off even more. Oh, and I didn't tell her anything about which surgery it's going to I said..that's my business.

Sean and I went to our family doctors today to see about different, stronger meds for his back just to be told that there really isn't anything the doctor can do..again WTF..thanks..His entire theory is that he doesn't like to medicate because the potential is that you can get hooked...ok we get that...but there has got to be something. We ask for a referral to a pain management specialist which he's going to do. So, we tell him about Sunlife's letter...basically saying that either Sean has to have all restrictions lifted (which isn't possible) or be declared permanently disabled to which the doctor replies..." oh, that's no life" to which I say " neither is losing everything because they think he's capable of making a living in the shape he's in" so this isn't going to be an easy fight. When the doctor comes into the room, and asks how we are, I say I'm great and likely in better shape then which the doctor says "everyone is in better shape then Sean" ok hahahahaha then lets do something about it...SHEESH~ He does give him more of the same meds (the ones Sean told him don't work anymore) along with the same med but in a slow release so that it's in his system continually. He also gave him another pill that is used for chronic pain and told him to try it in a couple weeks, if this slow release thing doesn't work. He then says...basically you are the way you are...and more or less have to live with it. Well cripes..that was genious. We'd love to try laser therapy but we can't afford it. We've asked Sunlife if they'll pay for any other therapies to try and help Sean LIVE ..but nope..sorry.

Anyway, end of rant...hahahahahahahaha. IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE :)

I called the lady that agreed to take me on as a mortgage broker the other day to see if there was anyway she could finance my licence..but NOPE that didn't work either. She said she's been burned before which is why she won't, but others might the plan is to call another managing partner in this company and maybe she'll do it. Cross your fingers, I think I'll call tomorrow and see if there is anything she can do. I always heard you had to have money to make I know what that means~~

Anyone wanna be me yet? hahahahahahahahahaha yeah, didn't think so~~

Ok, I'm done for today...starting a layout...Reece has soccer practice tonight so I'll be going into work for a couple hours to help with month end...enjoy your evening~

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh yeah....a great day~~

We met with the surgeon today at Mt. Sinai (her clinic is at this hospital but she operates out of Princess Margaret) She checked out the lump and was amazed at how I've responded to chemo..and was so pleased at how much smaller the lump is~~ She's booking me for an MRI to be dont after the last chemo, then I 'll have to meet with her about a week after that...then she's going to book surgery for sometime in July. Radiation will begin likely about 6 weeks after the surgical site must heal first. I'll be in overnight...but that's it..and YES I'M SCARED ..mainly because I've never had anything wrong with me before, so surgery is freakin me out a little. I know I'll be fine, but still...I'm a wimp...and I'll be the first to admit it~~

Tomorrow we go to Sean's doctor for strong pills and to ask for a referral to a pain management specialist. Sunlife has no idea who they are dealing with and getting screwed over is not going to happen~~~

Have a wonderful evening

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I swear, there is no line up for people wanting to be me.

We received a letter from Sunlife for Sean..and here's what they are saying...
" you are completely disabled and not able to do your job so we'll pay you until April 2011 but at that time we deem you to be able to work at some occupation even though it's not the one you've done for 11 years so we'll be stopping all payments"

SO even though they have a list of restrictions a mile long, they are saying that he's able to work somewhere as long as they allow him to sit for no longer then 30 minutes, walk for no longer then 30 minutes, lift nothing, do not bend, no stair climbing, don't stand for more then 30 minutes, no reaching , pushing , pulling...etc etc etc etc..SO, if anyone out there knows a job that will accommodate these restrictions among lots more...please just send me a message..I mean rant over...

I've talked to the case worker and while I did, Sean was laying in pain :( we are going to see the doctor on Thursday to ask for strong pain meds because now the pain is constant...all day every day ..and while we are there, we're asking for a referral to a specialist in pain management.

Now, we have two choices...either convince the doctor that Sean can't work believe me when I say he WANTS to work...for anyone who knows him...he thrives on working, being busy...etc..the man worked 50-60 hour weeks before this happened..OR we can have the doctor lift all restrictions so he can go back to work..which will kill him for sure. If we don't do either of these April 2011...the disability payments stop and his employer says "sorry, we have no position for you with all these restrictions" Then Sunlife proceeds to tell me that there are numerous things Sean could do with more schooling etc...I said yes, he's smart enough for all these job, but what about physically? She says" we don't do physical assessments..we just go by the restrictions the doctor has given him, put it into a computer along with his schooling (grade 10) and his experience and it gives us a list of jobs he's qualified for. We aren't obligated to find him employment just to inform you there are jobs he's qualified for"

Wanna be me yet? hahahahahahaha NOT~~

I keep telling him.. NO biggie...we'll make it, we always do..I swear...we know people who have either divorced or committed suicide over LESS shit then what's happened with us over the years. Like I said to my pal Lisa tonight.."If what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger..then I must be made of STEELE.....hahahahahahahahahahahaha"

SO, I called the lady today that agreed to take me on as a mortgage see if she'd be willing to finance my licence so I could get started...and NOPE...that didn't work either. She's said she's been burned before...but I have I say.."what are they" she says..well we could remortgage your home to get you some cash..Ummm I need $1400 would cost me more in interest penalties to re not worth it". She then says.." how about a loan" and I say " doesn't the bank expect one of you to be working in order to get a loan" ..oh yeah..minor then she says "can you borrow from family" and I say "I'm borrowing now to pay bills, I was hoping to get this done to prevent me from having to borrow anymore" ok so that didn't work either...BUT it could always be worse...right???

On the bright side...I GOT MY MAY KIT TODAY FROM SCRAP~TURES so I have new stuff to play with...and this kit is freakin adorable....I can't wait to get started.

SO that's about it...OH but before I go...

I might not be around until later tomorrow...I have my consultation at Princess Margaret with the surgeon to check on my tumor. We will be taking my moms car since our truck is old, falling apart and costs way too much on gas...Mom's car is a fairly new Ford Fusion...I'm not much for cars..but it boogies let me tell ya hahahahahahaha

I still need to upload layouts from NSD...and I will soon

Have a wonderful evening

Keep Smilin'

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wonder what I would do...

to keep myself busy if I didn't scrapbook? I think maybe the days would be really boring. I mean I'm sure i'd find stuff to do, but more likely I'd spend lots of time in front of the tv instead. I do knit...but for some reason it just doesn't keep my attention...

Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day and boy did I take advantage. I was bouncing between Lovebug Scrapbooking and Scrap~tures. I was pretty productive really...and still am. There were 13 challenges posted at Lovebug with a deadline of midnight tonight. So far I've done 11, working on #12 right now!!! I think I did one at Scrap~tures but the deadline is a couple weeks form now so I have tons of time to work on those ones. There are prizes awarded at both places and like I was saying to my buddy Lisa...since I can't afford to buy stuff, winning stuff is the way I shop hahahahahahahaha

I'll post a few of my favorites later on..once I'm finished the last two challenges at Lovebug!!

Enjoy your day

Keep Smilin'