Saturday, May 15, 2010

Injection day...OY

OK, so Sean got to stab me today hahahahahaha with the Nuelasta injection. One more of these to go as well. So, the aches should start tomorrow..but I'm hoping the new pain meds will help those. He laughs...and says when else can he legally stab his wife :) what a nice hubby eh~~

I already have a metal taste in my mouth...that didn't take long this more thing I won't miss. I think it lasts about 3 days...yuck..even water tastes like metal but oh well...could always be worse :)

Today is a lazy day basically. Reece has a sleepover for this afternoon so Sean and I will be dropping her there, then I'll be scrappin (I know, what else is new hahahahahaha)

Pretty quiet here today, so I'm off to create. Have a super amazing day...and remember..........

Keep Smilin'


More like....etc. said...

ew ew ew! I hate that taste, like you have pennies in your mouth! :( I don't envy you. hope the pain meds work! and the metal-mouth doesn't last long ;) {hugs}

pajl said...

Hope you are feeling ok today T!

Sassette said...

Oh T, I hope that today is a much better day for you and that your new pain meds will help the pain so you can get a good nights rest!
You know I am always thinking of you girl! Take it easy and I will catch up with you when you are able to be on the computer!!! HUGS

You tell Sean he had better be taking good care of you....if NOT, I will make him tie some more bows!!!! LOL