Monday, May 17, 2010

Merry Monday :) today I feel great...obviously the pain meds are working.....YAY for me :) Last night I was achy but I only just took a pill at I think it likely takes time to get into the system and start to work. It's very addictive if you are on them for a period of time, but since my aches only last about 4 days I don't have anything to worry about. I slept pretty good, tossed a bit but nothing like last time. I took another pill at breakfast and will take another one at dinner to keep it all in check. I just wanna scream in delight knowing that this part is almost corny as that sounds. It's hard to describe...and I know there will be days after surgery and radiation that are gonna suck too...but it still feels like on the upside of this entire thing...lets home I'm right~~

Nothing much happening today, I have some challenges I'd like to get done...Sean and I have already cleaned the entire upper level of the house (the bottom level is a lost cause hahahahahaha) mopped floors, did dishes, cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed so the rest of the day should be mine to do what I want. Reece should have soccer tonight, depending on homework.

So almost every day, there is something that 'when we get money' we are going to I said to Sean last week, I'm going to start a list...more for the fun of it , to record all these things. Well I started it today hahahahahahaha I'm going to keep it close for a few days and see how many things end up on there..might be quite amusing~~

Have a great day

Keep Smilin'


Suzanne said...

Glad the meds are giving you some relief and rest T! One more day behind you. Onward march eh?!

Sassette said...

So glad that the new meds are working their magic for you T! I am so glad that you are sleeping better and not feeling so achy!
You are always in my thoughts girl!