Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I swear, there is no line up for people wanting to be me.

We received a letter from Sunlife for Sean..and here's what they are saying...
" you are completely disabled and not able to do your job so we'll pay you until April 2011 but at that time we deem you to be able to work at some occupation even though it's not the one you've done for 11 years so we'll be stopping all payments"

SO even though they have a list of restrictions a mile long, they are saying that he's able to work somewhere as long as they allow him to sit for no longer then 30 minutes, walk for no longer then 30 minutes, lift nothing, do not bend, no stair climbing, don't stand for more then 30 minutes, no reaching , pushing , pulling...etc etc etc etc..SO, if anyone out there knows a job that will accommodate these restrictions among lots more...please just send me a message..I mean WTF...ok..so rant over...

I've talked to the case worker and while I did, Sean was laying in bed..in pain :( we are going to see the doctor on Thursday to ask for strong pain meds because now the pain is constant...all day every day ..and while we are there, we're asking for a referral to a specialist in pain management.

Now, we have two choices...either convince the doctor that Sean can't work ...now believe me when I say he WANTS to work...for anyone who knows him...he thrives on working, being busy...etc..the man worked 50-60 hour weeks before this happened..OR we can have the doctor lift all restrictions so he can go back to work..which will kill him for sure. If we don't do either of these things...in April 2011...the disability payments stop and his employer says "sorry, we have no position for you with all these restrictions" Then Sunlife proceeds to tell me that there are numerous things Sean could do with more schooling etc...I said yes, he's smart enough for all these job, but what about physically? She says" we don't do physical assessments..we just go by the restrictions the doctor has given him, put it into a computer along with his schooling (grade 10) and his experience and it gives us a list of jobs he's qualified for. We aren't obligated to find him employment just to inform you there are jobs he's qualified for"

Wanna be me yet? hahahahahahaha NOT~~

I keep telling him.. NO biggie...we'll make it, we always do..I swear...we know people who have either divorced or committed suicide over LESS shit then what's happened with us over the years. Like I said to my pal Lisa tonight.."If what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger..then I must be made of STEELE.....hahahahahahahahahahahaha"

SO, I called the lady today that agreed to take me on as a mortgage broker...to see if she'd be willing to finance my licence so I could get started...and NOPE...that didn't work either. She's said she's been burned before...but I have options...so I say.."what are they" she says..well we could remortgage your home to get you some cash..Ummm I need $1400 bucks...it would cost me more in interest penalties to re mortgage...so not worth it". She then says.." how about a loan" and I say " doesn't the bank expect one of you to be working in order to get a loan" ..oh yeah..minor technicality..so then she says "can you borrow from family" and I say "I'm borrowing now to pay bills, I was hoping to get this done to prevent me from having to borrow anymore" ok so that didn't work either...BUT it could always be worse...right???

On the bright side...I GOT MY MAY KIT TODAY FROM SCRAP~TURES so I have new stuff to play with...and this kit is freakin adorable....I can't wait to get started.

SO that's about it...OH but before I go...

I might not be around until later tomorrow...I have my consultation at Princess Margaret with the surgeon to check on my tumor. We will be taking my moms car since our truck is old, falling apart and costs way too much on gas...Mom's car is a fairly new Ford Fusion...I'm not much for cars..but it boogies let me tell ya hahahahahahaha

I still need to upload layouts from NSD...and I will soon

Have a wonderful evening

Keep Smilin'


More like....etc. said...

OY! I have no words, except that I wish I could make it all better! {hugs}

Anonymous said...

Dealing with insurance companies and government agencies is the worst! Man oh man!