Friday, May 14, 2010

OMG, just one more to go :) :) :)

Chemo treatment that freakin awesome is that!!! On June day after my birthday I will go for my final chemotherapy treatment. Man I wish blogger had smilies so I could put a big dancing smilie right here. This is by no means the end of the recovery road, but it does mean that certain parts of my life will return to normal.
First hair which believe it or not has already started to grow back..and is falling out at the same time hahahahaha will start to grow back and stay.
Second...I found out yesterday that even though I have 18 Herceptin treatments (16 left to do) and I was under the impression the P.I.C.C line had to stay in my arm to receive these treatments, it doesn't so after my next treatment on the 3rd, the chemo nurse is going to remove the line from my arm and I can receive the Herceptin treatments through an IV every time I go ..which is once a week, every three weeks...I have good veins. That means my sleeping will become easier. more drugs...I won't have to take any more steroids, or pain meds for leg pain (well after about a week after last treatment) but YAY..I've never been a pill this has been tough to get used to..putting all this stuff into my body. I may have to take a few more pain meds after surgery...but still ...the end of this road is still near.

I feel like the biggest hurdle of this journey is coming to an end soon. There are other hurdles but when you get the diagnosis...the first thought is chemo...and how sick a person can get. I dodged all that...Sweeeeeeeeeet. Even Sean said yesterday he can hardly believe there is only one treatment left. We had braced ourselves for a very tough road health wise with me and shed a few tears because we were very scared. He's so proud of me for how I've handled this entire process so far and that means so much to me...I wish I had words to be able to express to him what it does mean :) I don't know where I would have been without him by my side each and every day. Don't get me wrong, all of friends..the encouraging words..the's all meant so much...but to wake up every single day, spend every single day minute after minute with my best friend, I really couldn't be luckier :)

NOW, one more thing I wanted to mention. While talking with a girl at the hospital yesterday...she's the one that helps with funding of expensive drugs for cancer treatments. She helped us with the part of the Nuelasta drug that Sean's benefits didn't pay (it's a $3000 drug) ...her name is Melissa...she asked me if I was having the surgery in Barrie. I told her no, that I was seeing a surgeon at Princess Margaret. Then I gave her a brief explanation as to why I ended up in Toronto..due to that jackass in Owen Sound. Well, she then tells me they have a surgeon in Barrie ..a female that is a breast specialist!! So, I've asked to have a consult with her. From what I've found through this whole journey is that you have to trust your instincts. I have had very little to do with the medical field in my life but am learning alot along the way. Barrie is an excellent hospital and only 30 minutes from home vs. 1.5 hours. It would be more convenient to be that close. So I'm just waiting to see if she can see me soon enough. I'll let you know how it goes but apparently the entire atmostphere is amazing. Even as you go into the operating room, there is music playing etc...that this surgeon just makes the entire experience soothing and wonderful (well as much as that's possible) It certainly can't hurt to talk to another surgeon and get a feel for what's going to happen. WISH ME LUCK

So I think that's it for now...have a super wonderful all deserve it <3

Keep Smilin'


Sassette said...

Well T, I am so happy that things will begin to get back to normal for you soon. It has been quite the journey for you to have been on, but no better place to be than side by side with your best friend! You are very blessed to have Sean by your side, and I don't think words are truly necessary. He knows!

I hope you do get the chance to have your surgery in Barrie. That would make this whole thing just a little easier on you! Sending out good luck vibes there!

Hope you have a super great day today!

pajl said...

Yes T~
So happy things are going your way...What a blessing that Sean has been there for you every step of the way...There was never any doubt!
Greta news about the Dr in Barrie...and why not check things out? Especially when it comes to YOU and your continued Health...nothing wrong with that!
Good Luck on that part of the journey! are simply amazing my friend!

Suzanne said...

Keep hanging in there T! You'll be able to put this part behind you soon and get that next hurdle out of the way too. My mom had breast surgery 30 years ago and is going will do great too, I just know it!