Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some people just don't think...

so this morning I get a text from a 'friend' that I haven't head from in over a month. She is thinking that today was the day I would go to the city and was wishing me well. I told her that nope, in face it was yesterday so she's starts asking me it went etc. Then her final question is 'Are they taking the lump or the entire breast' correct me if I'm wrong, but whose business is that information? Pretty sure it's mine and my husbands and no one else's. What would possess someone to ask that sort of question? I swear people are fascinated by the thought of someone losing a body part...myself..I'd be more concerned with the persons health then whether or not they were going to have something amputated. Now, if you are a close friend and you asked, I'd likely tell you..if I thought you were concerned about me as a person..but I do know that this person is only asking so she has something to tell everyone she comes in contact with which pisses me off even more. Oh, and I didn't tell her anything about which surgery it's going to I said..that's my business.

Sean and I went to our family doctors today to see about different, stronger meds for his back just to be told that there really isn't anything the doctor can do..again WTF..thanks..His entire theory is that he doesn't like to medicate because the potential is that you can get hooked...ok we get that...but there has got to be something. We ask for a referral to a pain management specialist which he's going to do. So, we tell him about Sunlife's letter...basically saying that either Sean has to have all restrictions lifted (which isn't possible) or be declared permanently disabled to which the doctor replies..." oh, that's no life" to which I say " neither is losing everything because they think he's capable of making a living in the shape he's in" so this isn't going to be an easy fight. When the doctor comes into the room, and asks how we are, I say I'm great and likely in better shape then which the doctor says "everyone is in better shape then Sean" ok hahahahaha then lets do something about it...SHEESH~ He does give him more of the same meds (the ones Sean told him don't work anymore) along with the same med but in a slow release so that it's in his system continually. He also gave him another pill that is used for chronic pain and told him to try it in a couple weeks, if this slow release thing doesn't work. He then says...basically you are the way you are...and more or less have to live with it. Well cripes..that was genious. We'd love to try laser therapy but we can't afford it. We've asked Sunlife if they'll pay for any other therapies to try and help Sean LIVE ..but nope..sorry.

Anyway, end of rant...hahahahahahahaha. IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE :)

I called the lady that agreed to take me on as a mortgage broker the other day to see if there was anyway she could finance my licence..but NOPE that didn't work either. She said she's been burned before which is why she won't, but others might the plan is to call another managing partner in this company and maybe she'll do it. Cross your fingers, I think I'll call tomorrow and see if there is anything she can do. I always heard you had to have money to make I know what that means~~

Anyone wanna be me yet? hahahahahahahahahaha yeah, didn't think so~~

Ok, I'm done for today...starting a layout...Reece has soccer practice tonight so I'll be going into work for a couple hours to help with month end...enjoy your evening~

Keep Smilin'


Sassette said...

Hang in there T!!!! You know that somewhere along the way there just has to be a silver lining....and patience is the virtue!
I know that these words are easier said than followed, but with your positive attitude, you are going to make it! I have faith, my friend!

Laurie (Wally) said...

(((HUGS))) I agree with Lisa.. with your positive attitude you will make it...

Anonymous said...

You have everything going for you T as far as determination, perseverance, and above all, a positive attitude. Just keep on truckin' my will get there! :)