Thursday, May 13, 2010

Treatment Thursday

It's 4:45am as I type this. Damn steroid hahahahaha I've been awake most of the night...I think I've maybe dozed off for an hour...I tossed and turned, kept Sean up too, so finally got out of bed at 4am. If we didn't have the dog I would have been up sooner, but I'm always worried about waking her up. So far so good...everyone is still sleeping, but me :)

Wow, is it me or does it seem like time is just whipping by. I go today for treatment #5 out of 6. It is just over 5 months since that day..when I found the lump and my life changed forever....5 months..unbelievable. So, looks like I'll be sporting some pretty purple gloves again today and freezing my fingers but it's all for the greater good. My nails have survived for the most part...they are brittle but they didn't turn black and fall off...Man, that would be really bad for a scrapbooker I would think hahahahahahaha. The chemo takes about an hour to get, then the Herceptin that I have to have takes about 30 minutes. Last time the Herceptin took 90 minutes. They give it slow the first time to see if there are any immediate side effects which there weren't so it'll be faster. So once chemo is done, I'll only be there for 30 minutes ..which will be nice!!

Reece is off to St. Catharines today for a trip to Brock University. It's an overnight school trip. She gets to participate in a Leadership program then explore Clifton Hill and the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. They get to stay in the dorms at the university too. She is so excited, I'm surprised she isn't out here with me hahahahahahahaha
Of course, she's been TOLD to take her camera ..momma-razzi wants some pics baby~~
Hard to believe this school year is almost done too...that'll be 8 fulls years of perfect attendance for my girl. Even the principle is on board and knows. She has past teachers that bug her about taking days off (all in good fun of course) When she graduates next year with perfect attendance...there is going to be a wicked celebration I tell ya..I think I'm even going to call the local tv station. I think she deserves it!!

I created 3 layouts yesterday...and I've got tons more on my list. I figure once I go for surgery my mojo is going to have to take a back seat for a bit while I heal so I want to get as much done now as I can. That's my story and I'm sticking to it hahahahahahahaha

well, It's almost what should I do. All my scrap stuff is downstairs with the dog so that's out of the question....I guess I'll blog hop and see what everyone is up to

Have a wonderful day

Keep Smilin'


Laurie (Wally) said...

Sounds like you will have a nap later...hope you get to squeeze some creative time in today...

Michelle said...

thinking of you! I think I am with Laurie and that you will need a nap after being up so early!!!

Sassette said...

Oh T, I will be thinking about you today!
It is no fun getting little sleep, but as the girls say, you can always have a nap!
I hope you are feeling well later when you get home and that you will at least get a chance to create something! You KNOW I will chat with you too!

Anonymous said...

I just told Greg about R's perfect attendance and he is amazed! That is quite an accomplishment. :)

pajl said...

Almost through it all now T!
and hopefully as I write this..
you are off in dreamland!!

Sleep tight my friend!