Friday, June 25, 2010

Lovebug Blog Hop - JUNE

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Our theme for June is "Here Comes the Bride".
I've been married for 12 years so these two layouts are ones I had done a while ago but wanted to share. We had a western wedding, so these were done very simply.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weird Wednesday

go figure, I felt my first earth quake today...I did however tell Sean he made the earth move for me today :) hahahahahahaha. Apparently it was felt from Northern Pennsylvania to North Bay~!!

Tomorrow I'm off to the hospital for blood work and a doctors appointment. They've changed the way they do things at the hospital. It used to be blood work one day, then see the doctor the next. After you saw the doctor they would then order the meds (chemo or whatever you are on) from the pharmacy which could take up to an hour to get. Now by seeing the doctor the day before treatments, they are hoping to speed up the wait times. According to the chemo suite nurses, the goal is to have you into the chair at your appointment time. We'll see...for me it means screwing up two days instead of one. My appointment tomorrow is at 12 :30 so that means leaving home at 11:30 and likely won't be back home until 2 at the very earliest. It also means paying for parking ($7.00) twice instead of once. When all I had to have is blood work, we'd park out front as it literally took 5 minutes to walk in and go to the lab.
My appointment on Friday is at 12:15 for my Herceptin. The Herceptin takes 30 minutes so while it'll be nice if their new plan works, I won't spend all day at the hospital but it will ruin the better part of both days. Oh well..nothing I can do...just continue on and get this over with.

I called the Barrie surgeon today and while they requested the MRI disk last Tuesday from Mt Sinai in Toronto, they still haven't received it yet. I do have an appointment in Toronto next Wednesday to see the Toronto surgeon and find out the results. My plan is to get the opinions of both surgeons then decide my next move...but if the Barrie surgeon doesn't soon get the disk and get it read by the radiologist...I won't have a choice...I'm not waiting forever!!

That's it for to scrap..or at least start something

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wow, it's been a week...

Time just flew by last week...well, every week. I'm working on paperwork today...I need to apply to a couple of organizations that help breast cancer patients.....I really hate to have to do this..and I know that's why these places are there...but man...getting cancer was bad enough, but when you continually get a kick in the just makes it worse :(

I haven't heard yet about surgery...I'm going to call later to the surgeon in Barrie and see if she's received the MRI disk yet. She requested it last Tuesday, then has to get her radiologist to read it. All I know is Surgery in July...6 weeks to heal aprox. then radiation for 5 when I get asked if we've got plans this can imagine my answer. I see our trailer sitting in our driveway and that's likely exactly where it'll sit. I hear about friends going camping or going places...and feel bad that we can't...for Reece's sake. Seems so unfair that her life has to be affected by so much because this happened to me. Someday I'll make it up to her (although she's not asking for anything)

It's a rainy day..dreary and I think Sean and I are going to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie this afternoon. I don't seem to have any mojo today either :(

Have a great day~~

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Hop Winners...and...more tests done...

The Scrap~tures Blog Hop winners have been posted on the blog..check out the link in the side bar to see if you are a winner or not~~~

Went for my MRI yesterday...and let me just say...those big city hospitals that deal with cancer patients all the time have the compassion of a big old ape...they seem so primitive. In Owen Sound when I had the first one, they have ear phones that play whatever kind of music you want to try and muffle the extremely loud noises the machine makes. They continually talk to you, telling you how long the next set of images are going to take and if you have to lay on your stomach (with breast MRI's you do) they cover the metal part of the bed in padding and a terry towel. They did half the images while I was on my back, the other half on my stomach.

At Mt Sinai...they give you ear plugs which do absolutely nothing....they don't say anything the entire you have no idea how long it's going to take, I was laying on my stomach the entire time (aprox 30 minutes) with my breast bone laying on the hard cold metal of the bed...I might as well have lay on a 2 x 4. I can't believe they don't do something to make patients more comfortable...but with any luck, I won't have to have anymore of them there...I'll do my follow ups all in Barrie..where I'm hoping is more like Owen Sound~~

This morning I called about Sean's ultra sound and they said he could come today at HALT on he's better to not have eaten or drank anything (he had a tea, but they said that was ok) and booked it in away we go again (190kms round trip) They took a lot of pictures, his kidney's , liver, spleen, bladder among I'm sure lots of other they WON'T find anything and it's just an's a little scary thinking something could be wrong with him when there is already something wrong with me.

It's pretty expensive to get sick the end of June..parking this year so far will have cost us $205 and we'll have driven over 3700 km's just for medical reasons. Believe me I wish I drove a smart car..hahahahahahahahaha
Now , of course this will all come in handy on our taxes..but considering Sean's disability is non taxable, it won't do him any good and I need to get working so I can pay taxes so I can claim this stuff back...otherwise it won't do me any good either~ Oy, what a vicious cycle!!

Well, my go..time to fix dinner...have a wonderful day and remember.........

Keep Smilin'

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Never a dull moment!!!

So last night, I took Sean to emerg ...he had severe stomach pains...and for him to not be able to handle was bad. He has a very high pain I knew when he couldn't take it anymore it was time to get it checked (but boy is he stubborn LOL )
He's had chronic heartburn for months...I've been bugging him to get it checked so finally last week when he had a check up with his doctor about his back, we mentioned it. The doctor gave him a pill which for the most part was working. Last night they gave him some really yucky pink stuff to drink which helped a little the doctor gave him a stronger medicine ...and is sending him for an ultra sound. He says it's one of two ulcer or his gall bladder. We are pretty sure it's an ulcer as the stuff helped him last night and he's feeling a little better today.
Besides...with the stress that has happened in our lives in the last two ulcer seems pretty likely. alcohol, spicy foods, fatty foods...hmmm...guess that leaves salads with no dressing...BORING...but better then something more serious!!

I was going to upload a couple recent layouts but for some reason it's not working..I've done it twice and when it says 'done' there are no images...gotta love technology...oh'll just have to wait hahahahahahaha

Tomorrow is MRI day at Mt. Sinai in Toronto...this will determine exactly how well the tumor responded to the chemo...but I can tell you, I don't even think I can feel it I'd say it responded well!!!

Have a wonderful day

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

B.O.M (Book Of Me)

I've never considered doing one...until now. Sophie at Lovebug Scrapbooking has posted a challenge to do a BOM the size of a deck of cards ...Here is the info..

Are you up to a year-long project? Some time ago, there was this discussion about ATC's and what we can use them for... I told you I had a special project for you... Now it's time to start it! It'll take you 10-15 minutes every week. At the end, you'll have a very special and artistic Book of Me (because you are important and because future generations will want to know who you are, I think it is essential that you create at least a BOM in your scrapbooker life!). For this, you'll need a deck of cards (or Bazzill cut to playing card size, or whatever size you want). A regular playing card is 2.5X3.5". You'll also need a storing place for them. You can create a felt or fabric pocket (4X5") or repurpose a small box. Because each card will be thicker than the original playing card, you'll need something larger than the original case! Each week (on Sundays), I'll write a challenge for you to use on your card. I'll make sure you have a BOM theme, and will try to pair it with a technical challenge. You'll be free to create the style of ATC cards you want. It is *your* BOM, so it has to show part of who you are! You can use, or not, pictures on the card. It's more of an artsy project than a typical scrapbooking project.

So here's mine for week 1...

Click HERE to see this weeks challenge

I'm hoping to be able to keep up all year. They really don't take very much time at all, but this summer will prove interesting with everything going on with me...but here's hoping~

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great mail day :)

Back in May I entered a couple photo's in a contest at Lovebug and my photo was chosen as the one most people can check it out here
Today I received the RAK from Carla...gotta love good mail :)

I also found out today, that I won a grab bag of Prima's from Lovebug as well for doing challenges during their last cool is that..can't wait to get those..a girl can simply not have too many flowers..(just don't ask DH hahahahahaha)

I also received a birthday card in the mail from my good friend Paulette....well she put me to tears..good tears,..but tears just the same. Inside was a GC to Scrap~tures. I'm just speechless at the generosity of my scrappy friends...I just have no words to describe it..other then there is no bigger heart then that of a scrapbooker~~Thank you so much are the best~

Keep Smilin'

And the winner is.....

Shannon~~~ For becoming a new follower of my blog during the Scrap~tures Blog Hop~~If you could PM me your address over at Scrap~tures, I'll get your prize out to you asap~

Don't forget to watch the Scrap~tures blog on June 15th for a winner chosen from all the well as a winner from those who chose to do the sketch~~

Thanks again to all that hopped with us...we'll definitely be doing this again :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

12 years ago...

Yesterday, I said I DO to the most amazing and supportive man I've ever known~We didn't have any money to go out for our anniversary, no money for cards...but that didn't stop Sean from making this day one of the best yet. He made me this card...and yep...I bawled. He used lines from our wedding song on the front and wrote the poem on the inside. In case you can't see it, here is what it says...
The day I met you is the day I knew, that we would be together as soon as you said "I DO"
As the years have past and our lives have changed, I am so glad you took my last name. If I could ask one favor of you that is to remember that day we said "I DO" and take each day one day at a time and remember that I am standing by your side. You have made me proud in things that you do and I would do it all over again to hear you say "I DO" and always remember that I love you too.

I was cropping at Scrap~tures this weekend and did this layout. This picture was taken on our 10th I thought how fitting to scrap it on our 12th~

Thanks for looking, and thanks to all those that came and supported the "Breast Ever Crop" this weekend.
Keep Smilin'

Thursday, June 3, 2010

'Breast Crop Ever'


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Make a donation~Find a cure!


If you would like to help support the fight against breast cancer ,

please go here Scrap~tures Store

You will be able to donate $2.00 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. This can be added to your shopping cart...easy peasy~ and can be added more then once if you would like to donate more~
For anyone who donates, please feel free to add the blinkie to your signature line in the forums.
I will also donate 10% of the sales from the store during the crop , beginning Friday June 4th, 2010 and ending Sunday June 6th, 2010 so look around...and shop for an excellent cause~

NOTE--> You do not have to participate in our crop to donate, just pop on by the store and give a little to help a lot~
Everyone here at Scrap~tures thanks all of your for your support to help find a cure ~~

For those of you that know me, or have been following my blog, you know how near and litterally dear to my heart this cause is. Every little bit helps :)

Keep Smilin

Absolutely Awesome Birthday

So, you requested a picture with my cake...and here it is :) :)

I'm not usually big on desserts but figured I'd better eat some and boy oh boy was it good. It tasted like a huge soft brownie~~YUMMYMe and my sweetie <3
Me and my Boo Bear <3>
Here is the poster Reece made for me. Isn't it awesome. What an absolute sweetie!!

I felt bad because Reece really wanted to get me a gift but with finances the way they are, we tried to change her mind. She asked the other night if there was anything at the dollar store that she could buy me for a dollar...and it nearly broke my heart. So, when she got home from school last night, Sean took her to a little gift store not far from where we live. He knew they couldn't spend much..but we also figured, what is a few bucks to make Reece happy. She hears 'No, we can't afford it' so often...sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.
She looked around and picked out this frame for my scrap room (when I finally get one hahaha). She chose it because it had a pink background and for what it said. I love it. She also got me a piece of maple walnut fudge...I LOVE THIS FLAVOUR OF FUDGE :) :) :)
Sean picked up a Cash for Life lottery ticket, but sadly...we are still broke hahahahaha
After I opened the frame and fell instantly fell in love with it, I wanted to take a picture to show all of you. Well, when Sean picked it up he noticed the little Breast Cancer ribbon in the corner...How cool is that!!!!! I do believe this frame was meant to be~
Well, we are off in an hour or so for my FINAL CHEMO TREATMENT...and I'm so freakin pumped. The journey is no where near over but at least this part is and this inconvenient P.I.C.C line is coming double wooooooohooooooo. I know I must sound like a broken record..but I just can't help it. Have a wonderful day everyone~~
Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a week!!!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me lalalalalalalalalala yep, today is my birthday~~~~

Monday I pick up my mail, and I get a pay stub from disability telling me my payments are almost I call find out I have two more weeks of payments then it's done...The guys says 'it's short term' so I say..." well my doctor sent you a doctors letter saying I'd be off for a year...maybe you guys need to read those letters then inform the client that it doesn't really matter what you have, it's still only 15 weeks of payments" " So now what do I do" and he says " you can now apply for CPP disability" and he gives me the 1 800 number. I call them to hear this " you can download the forms online (over 30 pages) , fill them out and send them in...there is a 120 day waiting period" WTF...3 months...who does that..Oh yeah, our wonderful government. SO, here we go again...I was borrowing money while on my disability to pay our bills and now it's this should get really interesting. I have made an appointment with the social worker at the hospital for June 11th...apparently she'll help get these forms done right, as well as look at other programs that can help us in the mean time...SHEESH...

I said to Sean..." why do we keep getting kicked when we are down" and he said "because sweetheart...we keep getting back up" ...well that almost made me cry...he's so right...what else can we do but keep getting up!!!

Today I had to go for my pre-chemo blood work...for the LAST TIME...OMG can you believe last chemo treatment is TOMORROW...I'm so freakin stoked. My PICC line comes out's going to the best day ..well...LOL in my world anyway~~

Reece asked her dad to please get a birthday cake for he stopped on the way home from the hospital. I haven't seen it, he hid it in the fridge and I won't peek. I feel so bad for her, she knows we have no money but wants to try and celebrate as best we can...she's such a doll~!~

Half way home my cell starts to ring and low and's my buddy Lisa ...wishing me a Happy Birthday :D :D :D THANKS GIRL :) :)

I stopped to get our mail on the way home and found two beautiful RAK's with cards from a couple of great online scrappin friends. There is nothing like a few flowers and scrappin treats to make a girl happy!!! I received one last Friday as well :) I'm so blessed to have such great friends!!!

Well, I best be going..I still have a few things to do online and with any luck I'll get to start something scrappy....

don't forget to check out the blog hops~~~

Keep Smilin'