Thursday, June 3, 2010

Absolutely Awesome Birthday

So, you requested a picture with my cake...and here it is :) :)

I'm not usually big on desserts but figured I'd better eat some and boy oh boy was it good. It tasted like a huge soft brownie~~YUMMYMe and my sweetie <3
Me and my Boo Bear <3>
Here is the poster Reece made for me. Isn't it awesome. What an absolute sweetie!!

I felt bad because Reece really wanted to get me a gift but with finances the way they are, we tried to change her mind. She asked the other night if there was anything at the dollar store that she could buy me for a dollar...and it nearly broke my heart. So, when she got home from school last night, Sean took her to a little gift store not far from where we live. He knew they couldn't spend much..but we also figured, what is a few bucks to make Reece happy. She hears 'No, we can't afford it' so often...sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.
She looked around and picked out this frame for my scrap room (when I finally get one hahaha). She chose it because it had a pink background and for what it said. I love it. She also got me a piece of maple walnut fudge...I LOVE THIS FLAVOUR OF FUDGE :) :) :)
Sean picked up a Cash for Life lottery ticket, but sadly...we are still broke hahahahaha
After I opened the frame and fell instantly fell in love with it, I wanted to take a picture to show all of you. Well, when Sean picked it up he noticed the little Breast Cancer ribbon in the corner...How cool is that!!!!! I do believe this frame was meant to be~
Well, we are off in an hour or so for my FINAL CHEMO TREATMENT...and I'm so freakin pumped. The journey is no where near over but at least this part is and this inconvenient P.I.C.C line is coming double wooooooohooooooo. I know I must sound like a broken record..but I just can't help it. Have a wonderful day everyone~~
Keep Smilin'


Laurie (Wally) said...

Oh T...what a great Birthday.. I am sure you will remember it always.. I love that frame.. what a great gift.. Thanks for sharing your pictures... and your cake looked so yummy....

Chelle said...

What a perfect gift for you. She is a sweetie.

More like....etc. said...

You look GREAT T! :D happy birthday {again!} ;) and HELLO???of course you SHOULD be excited!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Sassette said...

OH T, you already know that I am so happy that your day was such a great one yesterday! I love the is so very fitting for you!!!

You are a great strength and I feed off of your positive energy on a very daily basis. Thank you for being such a great inspiration to ME!

I am so thinking about you today as you are at your last chemo treatment! I hope I will be able to catch up with you a little later one tonight. If not, you have a GREAT evening and get some rest! I will definitely be looking to chat with you tomorrow!

HUGS buddy!

Sassette said...

Tell Reece she RAWKS.....this is a girl who has a fantastic heart!!!
Tell Sean, he did good too! :)

pajl said...

Yes, T...What a great Birthday!
So happy that it was a great memorable one..
and Reece, what a gal!
and well Sean...he is a keeper too!!
Hope you are getting some sleep as I write...
BELIEVE....Keep that fighting spirit alive...

Jennifer said...

T I didn't know. Shocked to find out. Sounds like you have a great positive outlook and a great support system, which is important. Thoughts and prayers going your way!