Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Hop Winners...and...more tests done...

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Went for my MRI yesterday...and let me just say...those big city hospitals that deal with cancer patients all the time have the compassion of a big old ape...they seem so primitive. In Owen Sound when I had the first one, they have ear phones that play whatever kind of music you want to try and muffle the extremely loud noises the machine makes. They continually talk to you, telling you how long the next set of images are going to take and if you have to lay on your stomach (with breast MRI's you do) they cover the metal part of the bed in padding and a terry towel. They did half the images while I was on my back, the other half on my stomach.

At Mt Sinai...they give you ear plugs which do absolutely nothing....they don't say anything the entire time...so you have no idea how long it's going to take, I was laying on my stomach the entire time (aprox 30 minutes) with my breast bone laying on the hard cold metal of the bed...I might as well have lay on a 2 x 4. I can't believe they don't do something to make patients more comfortable...but with any luck, I won't have to have anymore of them there...I'll do my follow ups all in Barrie..where I'm hoping is more like Owen Sound~~

This morning I called about Sean's ultra sound and they said he could come today at 12:30pm...so HALT on breakfast...as he's better to not have eaten or drank anything (he had a tea, but they said that was ok) and booked it in Meaford...so away we go again (190kms round trip) They took a lot of pictures, his kidney's , liver, spleen, bladder among I'm sure lots of other parts...so...hopefully they WON'T find anything and it's just an ulcer...it's a little scary thinking something could be wrong with him when there is already something wrong with me.

It's pretty expensive to get sick .....by the end of June..parking this year so far will have cost us $205 and we'll have driven over 3700 km's just for medical reasons. Believe me I wish I drove a smart car..hahahahahahahahaha
Now , of course this will all come in handy on our taxes..but considering Sean's disability is non taxable, it won't do him any good and I need to get working so I can pay taxes so I can claim this stuff back...otherwise it won't do me any good either~ Oy, what a vicious cycle!!

Well, my go..time to fix dinner...have a wonderful day and remember.........

Keep Smilin'


Sassette said...

Oh T, I sure do hope that all went well with the ultra sound and that it will not be anything too terrible for Sean as a result! I have been thinking of you both and I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers that the days ahead will get better!

Suzanne said...

I don't even want to know how much I've spent on medical expenses this last year...YIKES! Sorry you're having to deal with so much T. I can't believe they didn't cover the MRI bed! Hopefully you'll get great news and won't have to do it again eh?!