Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weird Wednesday

go figure, I felt my first earth quake today...I did however tell Sean he made the earth move for me today :) hahahahahahaha. Apparently it was felt from Northern Pennsylvania to North Bay~!!

Tomorrow I'm off to the hospital for blood work and a doctors appointment. They've changed the way they do things at the hospital. It used to be blood work one day, then see the doctor the next. After you saw the doctor they would then order the meds (chemo or whatever you are on) from the pharmacy which could take up to an hour to get. Now by seeing the doctor the day before treatments, they are hoping to speed up the wait times. According to the chemo suite nurses, the goal is to have you into the chair at your appointment time. We'll see...for me it means screwing up two days instead of one. My appointment tomorrow is at 12 :30 so that means leaving home at 11:30 and likely won't be back home until 2 at the very earliest. It also means paying for parking ($7.00) twice instead of once. When all I had to have is blood work, we'd park out front as it literally took 5 minutes to walk in and go to the lab.
My appointment on Friday is at 12:15 for my Herceptin. The Herceptin takes 30 minutes so while it'll be nice if their new plan works, I won't spend all day at the hospital but it will ruin the better part of both days. Oh well..nothing I can do...just continue on and get this over with.

I called the Barrie surgeon today and while they requested the MRI disk last Tuesday from Mt Sinai in Toronto, they still haven't received it yet. I do have an appointment in Toronto next Wednesday to see the Toronto surgeon and find out the results. My plan is to get the opinions of both surgeons then decide my next move...but if the Barrie surgeon doesn't soon get the disk and get it read by the radiologist...I won't have a choice...I'm not waiting forever!!

That's it for to scrap..or at least start something

Keep Smilin'

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Sassette said...

I am thinking of you today! (as always) Hope you didn't get stuck at the hospital for too long today and hopefully they will get that disk soon! Hope the weather is better up that way today too!