Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a week!!!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me lalalalalalalalalala yep, today is my birthday~~~~

Monday I pick up my mail, and I get a pay stub from disability telling me my payments are almost I call find out I have two more weeks of payments then it's done...The guys says 'it's short term' so I say..." well my doctor sent you a doctors letter saying I'd be off for a year...maybe you guys need to read those letters then inform the client that it doesn't really matter what you have, it's still only 15 weeks of payments" " So now what do I do" and he says " you can now apply for CPP disability" and he gives me the 1 800 number. I call them to hear this " you can download the forms online (over 30 pages) , fill them out and send them in...there is a 120 day waiting period" WTF...3 months...who does that..Oh yeah, our wonderful government. SO, here we go again...I was borrowing money while on my disability to pay our bills and now it's this should get really interesting. I have made an appointment with the social worker at the hospital for June 11th...apparently she'll help get these forms done right, as well as look at other programs that can help us in the mean time...SHEESH...

I said to Sean..." why do we keep getting kicked when we are down" and he said "because sweetheart...we keep getting back up" ...well that almost made me cry...he's so right...what else can we do but keep getting up!!!

Today I had to go for my pre-chemo blood work...for the LAST TIME...OMG can you believe last chemo treatment is TOMORROW...I'm so freakin stoked. My PICC line comes out's going to the best day ..well...LOL in my world anyway~~

Reece asked her dad to please get a birthday cake for he stopped on the way home from the hospital. I haven't seen it, he hid it in the fridge and I won't peek. I feel so bad for her, she knows we have no money but wants to try and celebrate as best we can...she's such a doll~!~

Half way home my cell starts to ring and low and's my buddy Lisa ...wishing me a Happy Birthday :D :D :D THANKS GIRL :) :)

I stopped to get our mail on the way home and found two beautiful RAK's with cards from a couple of great online scrappin friends. There is nothing like a few flowers and scrappin treats to make a girl happy!!! I received one last Friday as well :) I'm so blessed to have such great friends!!!

Well, I best be going..I still have a few things to do online and with any luck I'll get to start something scrappy....

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Keep Smilin'


Suzanne said...

Getting up is the only option! I hope you get some good help from the social worker. Hang in there T and Happy Birthday!

Michelle said...

A Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! Mine was Sunday!! :) You will have to take some pics of you with your cake!! Just like we do for the kids. :)

I am sorry to hear about the issues with your disability checks and such!!! Hope you can get some great help on the 11th. Maybe she knows of other programs or something to help you out as well. The gov't down here isn't much better!!

So excited that this is your last chemo treatment and your picc tube comes out!! Yay!! Greg's dad went in for a bunch of tests and scans... see if they can do anymore treatment for him (lung cancer). He isn't answering his phone. :( I am guessing he wasn't good and he doesn't want to talk. I just don't know what to do or say... just by how he is feeling and such, Greg and I were guessing he wasn't getting better. The Dr. said he would know if chemo and radiation was working cuz he would start feeling better.

Hope despite the money issues, you have a wonderful birthday!!! :)

Laurie (Wally) said...

Happy Birthday T... I hope you had a great day... and hope you get everything figured out soon...

Denise Gay said...

Happy Birthday to you my friend! Better days ahead my dear, just keep getting back up!! AND yay you with the final round!!! Yahoo!! :)

Sassette said...

T, I am so glad you had a great birthday! It was so nice to talk to you on the phone and I am so glad it made your day! I just wanted my birthday wishes to be more personal and not just typed out on the computer!!!!!