Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wow, it's been a week...

Time just flew by last week...well, every week. I'm working on paperwork today...I need to apply to a couple of organizations that help breast cancer patients.....I really hate to have to do this..and I know that's why these places are there...but man...getting cancer was bad enough, but when you continually get a kick in the pride...it just makes it worse :(

I haven't heard yet about surgery...I'm going to call later to the surgeon in Barrie and see if she's received the MRI disk yet. She requested it last Tuesday, then has to get her radiologist to read it. All I know is Surgery in July...6 weeks to heal aprox. then radiation for 5 weeks....so when I get asked if we've got plans this summer...you can imagine my answer. I see our trailer sitting in our driveway and that's likely exactly where it'll sit. I hear about friends going camping or going places...and feel bad that we can't...for Reece's sake. Seems so unfair that her life has to be affected by so much because this happened to me. Someday I'll make it up to her (although she's not asking for anything)

It's a rainy day..dreary and dull....so I think Sean and I are going to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie this afternoon. I don't seem to have any mojo today either :(

Have a great day~~

Keep Smilin'


Michelle said...

Hey friend, I hope you are feeling well. I am sure it is hard to apply to some of those places. I am just glad that they are there to help you out!! If I could send you some of our sunshine, I would. It is sunny, hot and humid.. 90 degrees today! Enjoy your time cuddling with your hubby!!! :)

More like....etc. said...

wishing you could find some mojo! lots of hugs!!!

Suzanne said...

Are there places close enough that you can pull that trailer just for a night? Maybe have a camp out at home? Roasting some marshmallows and smiling alot can't hurt any. (((HUGS)))

Sassette said...

Oh T.....you know I am always thinking of you! I know it is hard to ask for the help, but that is what those places are for! There is no need to feel bad about it.
Have a camp out in the yard....I bet you could make a lot of fun things happen!!!