Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Sunday Morning!!

SOOOOOOO yesterday was a pretty good day...I didn't do anything special, but I did get to talk to both my older kids on the phone yesterday which was awesome!! We might even be able to get together next weekend for a barbeque!!

I was thinking the other day, about how when someone says they have cancer, most people think...chemo then radiation then with any luck , other then regular check ups that person is done treatment. I used to think this way too, so I sat down and made a list of everything that has happened to me since last December...this might just boggle your mind!!!

Remember--> I have never had stitches, broken a bone, been sick, and I literally only used to take MAYBE 4 Tylenol a year for the odd headache (that was usually wine induced hahahaha)

1 needle breast biopsy
1 wire localization
3 mammograms
1 breast ultrasound
2 MRI's
10 breast exams (although some of those docs were cute hahahahaha)
6 chemotherapy treatments
1 P.I.C.C. line
1 surgery
1 drain tube
12 staples
aprox 12 dissolving stitches
1 MUGA scan
1 Bone scan
10 blood tests
3 echo cardiograms( LOTS more to go)
1 electrocardiogram
2 chest xrays
4 Herceptin treatments (14 more to go)
and 1 lovely allergy to adhesives (all tapes and bandages)

This is by no means the end of these tests either...this almost boggled my mind when I wrote it out!

Freaky isn't it!

Ok, so I'm going to go start something creative...have a great day~!

Keep Smilin'

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Laurie (Wally) said...

I love how you end your post Keep Smiling.. I love it.. I love your spirit.. I can't imagine that since December.. you have had to go through all that.. and I am sure so much more.. but I know it has made you stronger...