Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Part 2 complete!!!

So, surgery is now complete...and boy I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that this part of the journey is over. Since never having had anything like this before it was certainly interesting, but I must say that everyone was absolutely amazing.

I was up at 4am yesterday, not because I had to be, but because I couldn't sleep..anxiety I suspect.....we were in Toronto at Princess Margaret at 6:50am...and from there we waited. I had to have what they call "wire localization" which is where the insert a wire on either side of what's left of the tumor using a mammography machine and a computer. So...I would say I was basically squished in the machine approximately 10 times..while these wires were being inserted. Lucky for me the girl doing it was in training (and yes there was sarcasm in my typing LOL )

Then it was off to surgery. My surgeon is a woman and a great one at that...but she also had a resident working with her and let me tell ya, he was easy to look at. Just my luck though, he was likely touching my boob and I'll never remember hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

It's quite a feeling to be staring at the ceiling one minute then waking up staring at a completely different ceiling the next...all I could think of's over! Went into surgery around 11:10 am...came out about 2 hours later.

I have a drain tube in my arm pit from where the lymph nodes were'll stay in aprox 5 days..depending on how quickly the fluid drains. I have no idea how large the cut is on my breast ...but home care is coming tomorrow to change the dressings so I guess I'll see how good/bad it is then.

When I was wheeled into my room yesterday after surgery , a nurse asked me if I knew these names and rhymed off my friends names. I said 'yes' and she said 'darn, if you had of said no I was going to keep these...

aren't they just gorgeous! They smell so amazing too. I got so many compliments from everyone that came into my room. They are from my good friend Dayle and her family. It sure made my day I tell ya.

I have an update on August 11th with the surgeon to find out the pathology report on my tumor and lymph positive vibes for a positive report please!!!

Well, I'm going to lay down, it's been a long tiring couple of days...but wanted to update you all. Thanks for sticking with me on my all hold a special place in my heart.


pajl said...

Yeah T!~
So happy for you...I will be the first to say..I cannot even imagine all you have been through..
I CAN say though you continue to amaze me with your positive attitude and upbeat & crazy nature...
Congrats on this the next phase on your journey! Be well my friend..
As I say, Keep that fighting spirit!

Anonymous said...

Wow T, your spirit is amazing. I can feel the relief in your post as this part is OVER for you. Onwards and forward my friend! :)

Sassette said...

T, I am so very glad that this part of the journey is now over. I have been thinking about you and you are always in my prayers. Please take care, get some rest and know that I am thinking about you and will be waiting patiently until we can play chat catch up again! Here is to a speedy recovery my friend!

Laurie (Wally) said... glad that Part 2 is complete... and of course you know that only thinking of positive vibes for a positive report for you ... get rest and recover... thinking of you...

Tina said...

Glad your surgery went well! Hope you have a speedy recovery! Those flowers are beautiful, I can almost smell them :o)

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad you were able to update quickly as I've been thinking about you and wondering how things went. So glad to here things went well. Here's to a speedy recovery and a good pathology report!!! (((HUGS)) T!

Suzanne said...

oops! So glad to "hear" things went well. :)