Friday, July 30, 2010

Yay, it's Friday...

and a long weekend for most of you (since every weekend is a long weekend for me at the moment) so first and foremost...BE SAFE!!!!

I have a Herceptin treatment today in Barrie. It was originally scheduled for two weeks ago, but that was the week of surgery so figured I'd be pushing it to get this treatment two days after it was postponed until last week, but when I went for my doctors appointment I found out the Herceptin did in fact affect my heart. The pumping capability of your heart is measured with an echo cardiogram..which is why I need to have those on a regular basis while on this treatment and afterward. I was sent for one before any Herceptin so they new where my heart started out ..which was at a pumping rate of 65. I went for an echo on July 2nd...which showed a rate of 55. Apparently if I'd started out at 55 that would be fine, but because I started at 65, 55 was quite a drop sooooo no treatment last week, but another echo was done instead. It did show the rate back up to 67 (the heart is amazing and does repair itself) so now treatment is today. I was supposed to have echo's every 3 months, but now I think they are going to be even more frequent..lucky me!

My arm is still really sore...because the nerves were cut, it's sort of feels like I have an extreme sunburn, so when clothing brushes against my upper arm it hurts. I'm not taking anything for it..I hate to take medication when I can put up with it. I need to start doing more exercises as well...I only have about 50% use of it still at this point. I was told though, it can take 8 weeks to regain full movement..but I think I've said it before, I'm impatient hahahahahahahaha

Hoping to have a barbecue this weekend with my older kids. My daughter lives in Mississauga so we're having trouble finding her a ride up. My vehicle isn't in great shape anymore so I really don't want to drive it down there. If something happens to it, I'm in big trouble, as it's our only vehicle to get me to my appointments. Hopefully something will work out.

This weekend is year end at work, so I told mom I'd come help them with inventory. Not sure how long my arm will hold out, but we can take turns counting and writing. We had a driver quit this week (they always think there are greener pastures somewhere else) which puts my dad in a bind once again. He's so good to his employees, but it never seems to matter. Of course we are still left with a driver, but he's pretty much useless and can't do the major runs that this one that quit can, so I'm sure my dad is majorly stressed (and at age 67 he shouldn't even be concerned with crap like this) so anything we can do to help get 'year end' out of the way easier is a help.

Anyhoot..I'm out of here.....have a super weekend......and like is said at the beginning BE SAFE

Keep Smilin'

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Laurie (Wally) said...

Oh T... I hope your bbq with your family works out... I also hope year end goes smoothly...good luck today..thinking of you

LOL!!! my word cerification today is resse LOL!!