Friday, August 20, 2010

The results are in...

and after spending all day Wednesday at the hospital in Barrie for Sean's tests...we were told he isn't a candidate for the procedure. It's very disappointing..we were really hoping this would be the answer to some pain relief. We didn't even care at this point if he would be able to go back to his job, just that he could get some pain relief and it didn't work. We have an appointment with our family doc at the end of the month to inquire as to any more options other then taking pain meds for the rest of his life :(

Reece is in a soccer tournament this weekend in Thornhill..which is over an hour away.I just saw the weather report and they are calling for rain all weekend, so that's not good. I am crossing my fingers that it won't rain where we are~ I think there is a scrapbook store in Thornhill though, which I'm hoping to convince Sean to take me too. Although I can't buy anything, it's neat to see what they have...I'll keep you posted!!!

I'm off, I have a layout I have to get done tonight......and need to make our lunch for tomorrow so have a great evening!

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Suzanne said...

I'm so sorry! I totally understand the frustration. It just isn't fair that backs have to be so complicated. They can turn a woman into a man and vice versa for heaven's sake! And there are a whole lot more people with back pain than people who want to change their genders. ;) Hang in there!