Sunday, August 22, 2010

Soggy Weekend...

Wow, it's rained almost all weekend. Reece lost her first game 1 - 0, then tied the next two games at 0-0 so we had to go back today to play in the semi finals. The field was terrible..HUGE puddles of water and poured the entire game. The girls were soaked to the bone as well as us parents! They lost the game 1 - 0 :( so we came home and didn't make the finals. Stopped at a friends last night for a little visit..didn't get to talk much though..they had lots of other company but had a few laughs which was good!

I am off to Sunnybrook Health Science Centre this Wednesday for my radiation CT Scan and tattoo's. The CT isn't a regular one, and must be done in the exact position I will be in when I get the radiation. This means my arm will be stretched out a bit...hopefully it won't hurt too bad. It's still numb, sore and very tender in spots...but this has to be done~!~ The tattoo's are 4 little spot that are apparently permanent (but will hopefully fade) that are used as guide marks for the radiation machine. Should be interesting to say the least~~

Hard to believe summer is almost over :( I could live in a warm climate all year round~~

Have a super Sunday...hopefully it's dry where you are :)

Keep Smilin'

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Michelle said...

Hey T!!

I hope you have dried out from the tournament!! No rain down here.. actually getting pretty dry.. the rain they predicted must have headed up your way because it totally missed us. Wishing you all the best with your CT scan and radiation treatments!!! Hugs! Your package arrive yet?? Hoping this week!!