Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thinks that just make you wonder....

Ever have those moments, that just make you shake your head? I think once you go through something important you tend to look at things a little differently...and not sweat the small stuff...although that doesn't stop you from wanting to smack someone upside the head for being completely unreasonable, or downright ridiculous.

It always amazes me when grown men and woman act more inmature then children. There are a couple situations in my life at the moment that make me realize exactly how grown up my 13 year old daughter really is.

When you see someone take advantage of someone else...it is really disheartening..especially when the person being taken advantage is an absolute doll, but in the end the person that is taking advantage has to live with themselves..and if they have no conscience it'll be easy for them to do~~

It always makes me giggle when you see people post their woes in their Facebook status'...it's like crying out..PLEASE..feel sorry for me...unfortunately there is always another side to every story that most people don't get to hear. There are true friends, then there are acquaintance friends that while they like to think they are being a true friend, are in fact the complete opposite. This holds true with the rest of the persons life as well. Have you ever noticed as well , that these people that think they are 'the best' are the ones that cause friction with lots of different people in lots of different situations?

SOOOOOOO enough of that ...

I go back to the surgeon tomorrow...to get the results of the pathology report. I'm not sure i'm worried, I mean the chemo worked so well, I have complete faith that the report will be awesome, but I think it's normal for a small part of me to be worried. I'm not sure if she (the surgeon) will let me know when radiation is going to start. I can tell you that I'll be really glad when this year is over~~

Today is reveal day at Scrap~tures...revealing the August scrapbook and card kits. These kits are simply amazing. There is so much product to easily create quite a number of projects. If you are a fan of kits, don't hesitate to stop by and check these out. They are economical as well.

Stay tuned for tomorrow...there will be a contest announcement that I'm sure you won't want to miss out on!!!!

Have a great day!!

Keep Smilin'


Denise Gay said...

I have complete faith T!!! I knew from day one, when you told me you were about to take this journey, that you were going to be juuuuuuust fine!!! So even though you are worried (and you have every right to be), I have the right to be confident that you will get through all of this hardship. We're all going to be right by your side in the end to congratulate you for making it!!! xoxo

Just 'T' said...

Thanks Den....you are awesome~~

pajl said...

yep..what she said...
ahh T...Everything will work out just fine..otherwise, they have to answer to you...right?
Love ya