Sunday, August 15, 2010

yayyyyyyy for me!!!

So, some of you already know, but I thought I should update my blog with what's been happening for those of you I haven't yet told...

I went to the surgeon on August 11th for my post op check up...and pathology results. My surgeon told me she got a clear margin around the tumor and all the lymph nodes she removed came back completely CLEAR of cancer!!!!!

I am meeting with the radiation oncologist this week to see when that's going to start, and how many treatments I'll have to have. Soooooooo STEP 2 complete..

Thanks to all of your positive vibes and well wishes...I truly believe that attitude plays such a huge role in motto..'WAKE UP EVERYDAY WITH A SMILE'

I also went to help out my mom for a few days, it was our year end at work, which just means a ton more she gave me some cash as a thank you ( to be added to all the other cash she's given us :S ) We turned right around and spent that money on Reece..for school. Yes, I did have a ton of bills I could have paid but decided to use the money on Reece instead..

Also, I received notice last week, that I was approved for CPP Disability. It's less then what I was getting on EI benefits, but a heck of a lot better then nothing at all!! SO...thinks are looking up!!!!!

Have a super great day..I'm hoping to do some scrappin'

Keep Smilin'


Michelle said...

That is such great news!!! I am so happy for you!!! Your package was mailed this past week. According to my post office, it can be really snail mail up there!! Sorry for the delay. I did throw a few little goodies in there for you too! ;)

Sassette said...

This is absolutely FABULOUS news! I am super happy and excited for you, my friend! Love your positive attitude and am so glad that things are starting to really look up for you!

Just 'T' said...

oh Michelle...

Thanks so much..I will let you know as soon as it arrives!!!

Suzanne said...

YaY for you!!! Congrats on the good news!!!!