Sunday, September 12, 2010

4 down, 17 to go...

My first week of radiation is behind me.....just 17 more treatments to go. When I first found this, I couldn't help but think 'why me' ....but haven't really thought that lately. Yesterday, I had that thought again....I made the decision a long time ago to kick cancer square in the ass..I mean seriously , what other choice do any of us have...but then all of a sudden...that feeling comes screaming back..'WHY ME'....
I don't believe in a higher power anymore (not really sure if I did in the fist place) If someone 'up there' is in charge of everything down here, then why are good people and children getting these terrible diseases while murderers and pedophiles live to be a ripe old age. Makes no sense to me.
No ,I'm not feeling sorry for myself...wouldn't waste the time on that nonsense...just more or less rambling away.
We are headed back to Milton today for the rest of Reece's soccer tournament. The team won both games yesterday and they played amazing! Reece scored a sweeeeeeeeet goal...of course after her dad told her he'd give her $80 for a goal..never thinking she'd get one so that was of course the big joke for the rest of the game. I think today he's going with duct tape across his mouth hahahahahahahahaha
Have a great day..enjoy your family, wake up with a smile, enjoy life!
Keep Smilin'

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