Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Step 3 complete......

Step one-->Chemotherapy-->COMPLETE
Step two-->Surgery--------->COMPLETE
Step three->Radiation------->COMPLETE
Step four-->Herceptin-------> Incomplete

yayyyyyyyyy OMG, I can't tell you how happy I am to have this step over and done with. Talk about tiring. Some days my eyes would just close on the way home from Barrie (good thing I wasn't driving)

All that's left is the Herceptin which if I have it figured right, and have no delays should be complete right around the end of April, first of May...these treatments are once every 3 weeks, so not nearly the running around like radiation.

Thanks to all of you that have stuck by my blog and offered words of encouragement. I anticipate a much more boring life from here on out. I do plan to keep my blog updated, it just might not be quite as interesting hahahahahahahahaha but I would love it for you all to stick around!!!

Keep Smilin'

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More like....etc. said...

YES! darn good thing you weren't driving! ;)

Glad to read you are gettin' there!!! {hugs}