Saturday, November 13, 2010

4 Month Survivor!!!!!!!!

I asked the surgeon what date is used when someone says they are a survivor , her answer...the date of surgery! That's the day the cancer was that's the date we'll use. So, as of July 13th, 2010...I am a survivor. I've been waiting for this day since this started!!!
The surgeon said she is very pleased at how everything has went. Sean says "well if you are pleased, then we are pleased" I have to go back in April for a mammogram on both sides. They now keep a close eye on the other one as typically it can show up there, and we do not want that to happen. It's also booked for April, because she wants it done 6 months after radiation has stopped. So, I said to Sean...I want to be at least 40lbs lighter when I go back to see her in April.
That is my goal...wish me luck!!!
Have a great weekend !!!
Keep Smilin'


Chelle said...

July 13th is an awesome date (my birthday) so I think that is a great day to say you cancer free. You are a survivor and you can lose the weight. I have faith.

Michelle said...

You ARE a survivor!! You are an amazing person!!! You can lose the weight!! I too have faith in you!!
PS.. check my blog!! ;)

Chez said...

Seems like you are one determined lady so sure the weight will roll off you and you will continue to inspire with your blogging and scrappin'