Sunday, November 21, 2010

The New Me!!!!!!!!!!!

This picture was taken last Christmas. I knew then I had cancer but hadn't yet told my kids. Didn't want to 'ruin' the Christmas spirit!
This picture was taken last Wednesday morning, before I went to the hair dresser..and here I am after!!! My hairdresser is a good friend, I've known her for 24 years. It was her idea to put a few highlights in to make it 'my own' look. It's been a VERY long time since I've had short hair, and to be honest I'm not very fond of it...YET
I can tell you though, that because of the highlights, I now look like I intended to have this look rather then it being the 'look of cancer' I LOVE that about it. Sean and I went out yesterday and NO ONE STARED at me...I blended right in like everyone else!

I've been asked if I'll grow my hair long again..and to that I say "heck if I know"!! It'll take years I'm sure, and the one good thing with this is, I can play around. I would imagine that as it grows and as I play with different styles, suddenly there will be an 'aha' moment where I'll say
"THAT'S IT" that's the style I like...and who knows how long it'll be when that happens!

Have a super Sunday !!!

Keep Smilin'


Michelle said...

I think you look great!! I love your hair!! I am glad it is coming back in!!! Our neighbor in our old neighborhood was battling cancer about 9 years ago, and after treatment and everything when her hair started coming in.. it came in curly! It was never curly before!

pajl said...

you look mah-vahlous T!

Suzanne said...

A new hairstyle is not as fun when it wasn't your choice in the first place but you look FANTASTIC T!!! I'm so glad you've got this year behind you. Here's to hair that keeps growing and growing and a cancer free you!