Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Off to Toronto...

it's check in time with the surgeon. There aren't any tests scheduled, so it's just a 'how are you' type of appointment. She wanted to see me a month after that's today! I'm sure she'll get some follow up tests booked in the next few here' s my question. When someone says they are a cancer survivor and puts a year on it, like a 5 year survivor...5 years form when?? Is it 5 years from the day you discovered it, from the day of surgery when it was removed, 5 years from your last treatment...when? anyone know? Enlighten me if you do....thanks :)
I participated in an online event at LOVEBUG last week and the week before, and won the grand prize..who freakin cool is that. I found out Sunday, so after being spoiled rotten on the weekend, I had more good news! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket this week...would be nice if our luck was all GOOD from now on!!!
I've started selling Epicure spices as well..can't hurt right? I doubt I'll get rich doing it, but figure if I make enough to at least buy my own stuff and maybe even feed my scrap addiction then it's all worth it! So I officially have 4 jobs now...nothing like jumping back into 'life' with both feet!!!
I still have the Herceptin treatments and doc appointment in that mix too, but hey, life is all about balance...I do however have to figure out when I can get on my treadmill each morning. I've always been a night person, so I stay up too late..I need to switch my routine and go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and get on the's time to get healthy and not give Cancer a reason to return!!!
Have a great day peeps and remember...
Keep Smilin'

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Chelle said...

congrats on winning the contest. I haven't been on lovebug scrapbooking in a LOOOOOOOONG time.