Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sore cheeks and tummies...

OH MY....this weekend was soooo much fun. I went to a crop with a SUPERB bunch of ladies that I met online years ago. I haven't went to an overnight crop with these girls in over 5 years, and man....I forgot how much fun it really was. Sean and I met up with a few of them on Friday for lunch...and the laughs began..and didn't stop until we drove away today. My tummy and cheeks hurt from all the laughter!!!!
Along with myself, two other of my good friends hadn't been to one of theses crop in year either, and we all reunited this weekend. The goal is NOT to scrapbook but to have fun with friends and that's certainly what we did. If you do manage to do a few projects as well, then it's just a bonus!
I was also lucky enough to meet 3 ladies that I haven't met before. Shannon, Crista and Chelle all from St. Catherine's. They are 'new' to our group, but boy oh boy did they fit right in. Friday night we all went to dinner at Montana's and because they are *new* we told them they had to wear paper deer and moose hats...they did with a laugh...and wore them for most of dinner! We got back to the hotel and immediately started to scrap! Jenn handed me a pizza box FULL of scrap goodies as well as a handmade 'T' with a butterfly on it. Simply gorgeous!. Kellie came in and gave me a little bag full of glitter...because we all know, we girls like our glitter and bling!! Bobbie brought me blades for my Coluzzle (they've been discontinued) and along with those blades gave me ALL her Coluzzle templates. I felt like a kid at Christmas :) then Ellen handed me a box with a cute little bracelet in it, with the breast cancer symbol on it!!!
Saturday we get up, head to the scrap room and begin. It's amazing the camaraderie that we all have, considering we all met 'online'. It always feels like we've known each other for years.
I noticed a few of the ladies disappeared from the room and got a little suspicious. I asked Paulette where everyone went to received nothing more then a wink. Soon there after Paulette escorted me down to their room. Inside was Denise, Ellen, Jenn, Shannon and Paulette. They told me how they had got together to do something for me and knowing I don't like to be the center of attention, did this in private. They handed me a gift bag with an album inside, an envelope of goodies, and butterfly template and stickers and a package of homemade cards. There was also a hat with 'ONE TOUGH CHICK' on it in bright pink! I was dumbfounded, I still am. These ladies have been there for me, encouraging me since day one. I was already astounded at their generosity when Shannon stood up and handed me a Cricut. For those of you that don't know, a Cricut is a die cutting machine. I've wanted one for ever but just couldn't afford it. She had this one and didn't use it, and just GAVE it to me...that was it, I cried. I was doing so good, not shedding a tear figuring I'd gotten away with being ONE TOUGH CHICK but nope, that did it. Thankfully it brought them to tears it was all worth it! Paulette filled a jar full of jelly beans for a 'guess how many' contest and YEP, you guess it..I won..
We then did a Christmas Craft exchange (everything had to be homemade) with a few of the ladies that made things. I was given the gift made by Ellen....they were homemade sparkly Christmas tree ornaments. They are simply gorgeous! She also made a HUGE clothes pin with 'NOTES' on it, as well as a couple of chocolate treats.
All I can say is I'm so glad I went. Seeing Jenn & Wendy again, laughing hysterically with Denise and Paulette, as well as the others. It never seems to matter how long we go between visits, it always feels like yesterday. I'm not one for mushy things, but I am truly blessed to have these women in my life!
Keep Smilin'


Chelle said...

It was a great weekend and I am glad I got to meet you. I knew about a month ago that Shannon was thinking of giving you her cricut. Glad you like it.

Michelle said...

That is just so wonderful!!! I am so glad you had such a great time!!! Have a super fun time with your "bug"!!!

Sassette said...

OH T, it is so nice to have such great friends to scrap with and spend some quality time together! Such a real blessing indeed!
I sure wish I could have come to join up with all of you too! It would have been awesome to get to meet everyone IRL!!!
You sure got spoiled, but you so deserve it! Enjoy all of your new goodies girl!

pajl said...

T...not much can be know all to well how much you mean to me..always has from the first day we met so long ago...
You are one of a kind, an inspiration to me and to all...and guess what...I live ya..