Monday, January 31, 2011

One Month Gone in 2011

How is your year going so far?
Let's see if I can sum mine up for you.
1. I haven't heard from a friend the entire month. Not sure what's up with that.
2. My other friend lost her dog, she's had her for years, so she's very sad :(
3. My daughter is mad at me just because I voiced my opinion. Times sure have changed, I remember my mom giving me her opinion on things, and even if I didn't like them, I never treated her the way kids treat their parents these days. Pretty disheartening.
4. My son moved back into my house. There were extenuating circumstances, but regardless...he's here. He didn't even have a 'room' at his dads, just a bed in a part of the basement that everyone else had access to. I think he's pretty happy he has his room back!
5. Stopped into a friends place on the weekend, and surprised her! Haven't seen her in a year since just after I was diagnosed so that was cool!!
6. The lady I work with doing the mortgages kept a portion of my commissions. It was a deal we did together and we were splitting the commission 50/50. I was really looking forward to the money Friday, as I had bills to pay but was told we didn't get paid for it. Then I found out today, head office screwed up, paid her the entire thing and now I have to wait for the money because she supposedly needed it. I am soooo not impressed. She did send me some of it, but honestly....this woman is supposed to be a professional.
6. I've lost 11.6 lbs this month. How SWEEEEEEEEET is that!! I need to thank my buddy Denise...for helping to keep me motivated and encouranged. There is nothing better then having someone cheer you on! SUCCESS
So...I think that's it. I wonder what February will bring. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I'm sure more of the same...some good , some not so good.
Anyone know if you can block people from reading your blog? I think that would be a great feature! Just sayin' ;)
Keep Smilin'

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Winner of the Rak...

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Thanks to all of you that participated in our blog hop...stay tuned for February 1st, for the winner of the hop!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrap~tures Birthday Celebration Blog Hop

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Woohooooooooo some good news!!

Last Monday I started Weight Watchers. I haven't officially signed up because I just can't afford it right now, but I do have all the books at home so I decided it was time. I MUST lose this access weight. I promised myself I wouldn't step on the scale until this Monday. I was on the treadmill a few times..yesterday I walked 2 miles. Now, while that doesn't dound like much, I haven't exercised in a very long believe me, I'm out of shape :S
This morning, I weighted myself..and
are ya ready for this.............
I'm down 7.2 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah about starting the week on a high note!!
Only 53 lbs to go ...OY!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

So, I found out my new grandbaby.....

is going to be a BOY.
I've seen some of the the cutest outfits lately...I can't wait.
Hard to believe I'm going to be a grandma...OY...I thought I had years before this happened. Not that it's a bad thing, but grandma sounds so...'old'
I'm sure I'll get over it!!!
I also found out that a very very very good friend of mine is moving away :(
They are hoping to have their house on the market in April. They moved here for her husbands job, and he's since been unable to work due to a severe back injury as well. Their two kids are grown up, and have 'lives' of their own so they are heading back to where they came from. It's only about 1 1/2 hours away, but that's sooooooo far considering now she's 5 minutes and I drive by her house every single day.
I'm sad...I truly am. I know I'm going to cry and it almost seems silly. I asked her if there was cell service or Internet where she was going and she doesn't think's pretty remote. She used to always joke about moving back home and living like gypsies...well I guess that's what they are going to do.
This lady has been my 'second' rock through all of last year. She even offered to shave her head the minute I lost my hair. I convinced her not too...after all, I was planning on wearing a wig! Every single appointment I had, I would always get a text message telling me she was thinking of me.
She's one of those women that you know, no matter what happens, she's always be right there. Even typing this has me fighting back tears. It almost feels like I'm back in school...and my 'buddy' is moving away. I'm know I'll be fine, and I'll get over it..after all...I'm tough!
We also received a letter Friday from the insurance company Sean is dealing with saying that they are still taking the reports from the physiotherapist and his family doctor from June of 2009, and will not reverse their decision. They are saying he's capable of working as long as he can sit for no longer then 20 minutes, stand for no longer then 20 minutes etc etc etc and that this qualifies him for a supervisory job in an automotive assembly plant. Guess what gave them that idea??? A computer program. To bad the computer doesn't tell that that not very many people start at the supervisor position in automotive plants. Almost all the time, you start at the bottom, online..and he can't do that.
This is exactly what he was doing, plus driving a forklift. He can no longer drive a forklift but now they are saying he's capable. I couldn't imagine him having to walk in work boots for very long. If he sits for 2o minutes or more, he can hardly walk after that. So, we have aprox 3 more months of benefit payments then they just stop. If we can't prove he's not able to work, we are once again in big trouble financially. Right now his payments pay our mortgage and a wee bit extra, but without that, I don't make enough to even pay the mortgage, let alone everything else. I'm trying to get the mortgage business off the ground, but these things take time.
We are going to contact a lawyer and get their opinion. Every time we mention this to his doctor he just says 'well, insurance companies want you off their books' to which I say 'I know they do, but sometimes a person should be on their books'.
Anyway, that's what's happening in my world right if any of you have some good luck you want to toss this way, I'd sure appreciate it and believe me..I'd return the favor in a heartbeat..but I don't think the kind of luck I have, anyone would want.
Keep Smilin'

Monday, January 3, 2011

One Little Word

I've been thinking for a few days about that one little word that I want to focus on this year. That word is 'success'
This year I want to be successful at my new career. I need to be to be able to support my family and finally be able to have some things that both Sean and I have wanted for years. I want to be successful at reaching my goal weight not only so I look and feel better, but so that I don't give cancer a reason to return!!! I want to be successful in becoming more active and exercising more.
I'm sure there will be more to this word as the year progresses, but to start..these are the immediate goals.
Last year was very tough for both Sean and I financially. We have struggled since he was hurt in 2008 but were managing to just squeak by. When I was unable to work, it really took it's toll on us. We watched as our friends were able to have a great summer camping and having fun, while we couldn't do anything for the lack of funds. It was hard on our daughter too. She asked many times if we could just go camping once, but we couldn't. I was borrowing money left right and centre form my parents just to pay the immediate bills and our mortgage. I want to be successful at changing this and be able to do more with our daughter. She's the last one we have at home, and at 13..she's already growing up so fast. I really don't think people that knew us, really understood how tough it really was.
Now, the cancer is gone...I'm working on getting back to normal (the fatigue is still an issue) but I have returned to work at my old job part time, and have started to build my career as a mortgage agent.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Exciting Things at Scrap~tures!!

Welcome to a brand new year!

January 2011 is a special month here at Scrap~tures – we’re one year old!
Thanks to your support and participation we’ve had a great first year and want to show our gratitude by celebrating all month long with games, prizes, a blog hop, AVATAR challenges and lots of inspiration and fun!!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to provide inspirational challenges, based on “traditional” anniversary gift lists, that will run all month long. For every challenge that you complete (and post in the particular challenge thread AND note in your “birthday book” (master challenge list thread) you can count a candle! Yes, that’s right, for every challenge you complete, you can take the little candle blinkie to put in your siggie line! How fun (and cute) is that?
AND!! if that isn’t enough, we’re going to have an ANNIVERSARY CROP the weekend of January 21, 22 and 23 so mark your calendars and invite your friends! The crop challenges will start with an early bird challenge (you’ll love it, I guarantee it ;-) ) on Friday at noon and go all weekend long.

The crop will give you many opportunities to gather more candles for your birthday book. Not to worry though, at the end of the month, we’ll give you some time to “catch your breath” and catch up with more candles if you want!!

Why all the candles??? Because, February 1, we will announce our Anniversary Prize Winners! Yes plural!! There will be a grand prize and two runner-up prizes. Denise will be announcing how you can be eligible for the prizes so stay tuned and in the meantime, collect those candles!

Come to the party and be ready to meet some “old” friends of ours who are celebrating with us this month and some of you will be surprised I'm sure by "who" you see....

Questions? Fire away or get out your adhesive and be ready to play the winter blahs away!! Let’s get going! Your first inspirational challenge is already posted in the team member forum! Go for it and let’s see what you’ve got.

Your first January AVATAR challenge is to change up from Christmas to fireworks and other celebratory images! Let's see you get your PARTY ON!! :-)

Head on over to Scrap~tures and join in all the fun~~