Monday, January 3, 2011

One Little Word

I've been thinking for a few days about that one little word that I want to focus on this year. That word is 'success'
This year I want to be successful at my new career. I need to be to be able to support my family and finally be able to have some things that both Sean and I have wanted for years. I want to be successful at reaching my goal weight not only so I look and feel better, but so that I don't give cancer a reason to return!!! I want to be successful in becoming more active and exercising more.
I'm sure there will be more to this word as the year progresses, but to start..these are the immediate goals.
Last year was very tough for both Sean and I financially. We have struggled since he was hurt in 2008 but were managing to just squeak by. When I was unable to work, it really took it's toll on us. We watched as our friends were able to have a great summer camping and having fun, while we couldn't do anything for the lack of funds. It was hard on our daughter too. She asked many times if we could just go camping once, but we couldn't. I was borrowing money left right and centre form my parents just to pay the immediate bills and our mortgage. I want to be successful at changing this and be able to do more with our daughter. She's the last one we have at home, and at 13..she's already growing up so fast. I really don't think people that knew us, really understood how tough it really was.
Now, the cancer is gone...I'm working on getting back to normal (the fatigue is still an issue) but I have returned to work at my old job part time, and have started to build my career as a mortgage agent.


Chelle said...

What a great word for you to choose. I think you will be very SUCCESSful in your goals.

Laurie (Wally) said...

Great word T... and with the postive attitude how could you Successful

Sassette said...

You are already SUCCESSful my friend and you will continue to be so throughout the New Year!!! Stay postive!

pajl said...

no doubt in my mind...