Monday, January 31, 2011

One Month Gone in 2011

How is your year going so far?
Let's see if I can sum mine up for you.
1. I haven't heard from a friend the entire month. Not sure what's up with that.
2. My other friend lost her dog, she's had her for years, so she's very sad :(
3. My daughter is mad at me just because I voiced my opinion. Times sure have changed, I remember my mom giving me her opinion on things, and even if I didn't like them, I never treated her the way kids treat their parents these days. Pretty disheartening.
4. My son moved back into my house. There were extenuating circumstances, but regardless...he's here. He didn't even have a 'room' at his dads, just a bed in a part of the basement that everyone else had access to. I think he's pretty happy he has his room back!
5. Stopped into a friends place on the weekend, and surprised her! Haven't seen her in a year since just after I was diagnosed so that was cool!!
6. The lady I work with doing the mortgages kept a portion of my commissions. It was a deal we did together and we were splitting the commission 50/50. I was really looking forward to the money Friday, as I had bills to pay but was told we didn't get paid for it. Then I found out today, head office screwed up, paid her the entire thing and now I have to wait for the money because she supposedly needed it. I am soooo not impressed. She did send me some of it, but honestly....this woman is supposed to be a professional.
6. I've lost 11.6 lbs this month. How SWEEEEEEEEET is that!! I need to thank my buddy Denise...for helping to keep me motivated and encouranged. There is nothing better then having someone cheer you on! SUCCESS
So...I think that's it. I wonder what February will bring. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I'm sure more of the same...some good , some not so good.
Anyone know if you can block people from reading your blog? I think that would be a great feature! Just sayin' ;)
Keep Smilin'


Chelle said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Does the woman not think you need the money too? I hope it gets straightened out quickly.

More like....etc. said...

hey T, great to read your successes!! and sorry *I* fell off the planet, just not feeling too scrappy lately. Happy ~love~ month!