Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do you ever get the feeling..

that living a stress free life is just not in the cards?

Sean and I have had a heck of a week...where do I begin...

We went to visit Sean's grandma and Grandpa back in December. They live 2 hours away from us, so it's tough to see them on a regular basis. Sean's grandpa has had prostate cancer for 12 years. We got a call that it had spread, but we didn't know to what degree. His grandparents are 89, so talking on the phone is tough, as his grandma is hard of hearing and his grandpa just doesn't talk much on the phone. We decided to go for a visit. I took my camera , and was determined to get a picture or two. They adore Reece so she of course went with us.
Here are a couple of layouts I did using the pictures I took.
This one is Reece with her Great Grandpa. His face would just light up when she would come through the door.

Here is Reece with both of her grandparents

When we got there, Grandma showed us a piece of paper, outlining the results of the tests Grandpa had just had. His prostate cancer had spread to his liver , and his bones. The doctors hadn't really been checking him and for what reason, we'll never know. When the doctor got the results all he could say was sorry. That's comforting.
We received a phone call on Wednesday evening (February 16th) from Grandma telling us that Grandpa was in the hospital and they weren't sure if he was going to last the night. She told us that he'd been in the hospital since Monday February 7th. We told her we would be there first thing in the morning. We hoped and prayed we'd make it in time to say goodbye.
We arrived at the hospital on Thursday at aprox 10:30am. He was still living so we made ourselves comfortable in his room and began telling and listening to all sorts of stories from both Grandma and their long time friends and neighbours that were also there. He didn't wake up, but then again..they had him so heavily sedated that we knew it was next to impossible for him to. Apparently he had been more alert that morning, not being able to talk but he did smile and responded to some of the things people were saying. He had since been given more meds for pain so was sleeping quite peacefully.
By 8pm that evening, we had talked to a nurse who seemed to think based on the way grandpa was, he'd make it through the night. He was breathing quite well and not laboured at all. We convinced Grandma to go home and get some rest. She too had only managed about 3 hours sleep the night before, fearing the worse. Sean drove her home while I stayed and kept Grandpa company until Sean returned.
Sean returned with some dinner, and we tried to get comfy on a couple of semi-comfortable chairs and settled in for what we knew would be a long night.
Thank goodness for Iphones, we were able to keep ourselves busy by playing games together!
We tried to doze off here and there but couldn't ...knowing what was happening in front of us with one of the most remarkable men either of us has ever known. The chairs were way to uncomfortable to even begin to think we could sleep in so we talked and laughed and watched Grandpa.
At 3am, his breathing changed dramatically and suddenly...I told Sean to get the nurses immediately. He did just that, and when they returned I then told him to call Grandma and get her back here as fast as possible.
Unfortunately we only had about 5 more minutes with him when he took his last breath...peacefully and was gone :(
Grandma didn't make it in time, but she was there soon enough. She was so thankful that Sean and I were with him, and that he wasn't alone.
We stayed with Grandma until shortly after 12 noon, but had to get home. We had been up since Thursday morning at 6:30 am and were both extremely exhausted.
It never seems to matter how much you are prepared, and how much you tell yourself you know this has to happen, and that he's better off because he's no longer in still hurts the heart.
Sam Kerr was a fascinating man. He'd lived in numerous places ...Bermuda, New York, Scotland just to name a few. He gave Charlton Heston a ride on his motorcycle and golfed with some of the most amazing golfers in the world. He even met the man that invented the television.
Sean is named after this man, which makes him a great man too!
Rest in peace will be missed <3
Sam Kerr
March 28, 1921 - February 18, 2011

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