Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Treatment Week

Time sure flies, seems like I was just there.
I just have 5 more to go...sweeeeeeeeeeet.
Sean also has a doctors appointment this week. It was supposed to be last week but it stormed. The doctors office didn't even open until AFTER his appointment time, but they didn't call to cancel, didn't hear from them period actually. When I called to re-schedule...the appointment they gave us was April. SO, this appointment is with an intern that is covering because our doctor is away on holidays for a couple of weeks. April is the month Sunlife has decided Sean is cured, so we need to do something before then.
We are going to ask this intern for a referral to a surgeon Sean has dealt with in the past. We are hoping that he can shed some light with the insurance company as to the chronic condition Sean has. Cross your fingers, as time is running out!!
Have a wonderful week!
Keep Smilin'

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