Saturday, March 19, 2011

I officially suck as a parent

This is our dog Maya...and tomorrow, we'll be giving her to a very good friend of ours.
We've been debating for over a year, on whether we should find a home for her that would give her lots of room to run be 'free'. At our house she needs to be tied up and can't run and have fun.
It's been a tough decision, one that we are all shedding tears about today. Our friend and her son came to see her and fell in love with her. I asked for another day with her, so we could all come to terms with our decision. We know this is better for her, as they have 100 acres of farm land, and she'll get all the room to run and play that she wants.
Reece is having a really hard time with it, and seeing her heart broken is breaking my continually.
We've had Maya since February 9th, she is part of our family. We just can't see having to leave her attached to a chain for the rest of her just seems so unfair :(

The one good thing is that the people that are taking her only live about 20 minutes from us. We can go see her whenever we want. I'll be able to keep tabs on her, and make sure she's ok. It doesn't make it slightly easier then just giving her to strangers. I know these people will take care of her and give her as much love as we have.
It's a sad day in our house :( so I don't think today I'm going to say Keep Smiln' because if I can't, I can't expect anyone else to :(


Jenn said...

Hang in there T, it was a tough decision but you are doing what is best for Maya. Having made the same decision myself I know how difficult it is on the whole family. You guys haven't gotten through so much you will get through this too. Hang on to the thought that you are doing what is best and you will be able to see her again. ((((BIG HUGS))))

pajl said...

HUGS sent your way my friend.
Saying goodbye to a furry friend is hard no matter what the least you know where Maya is going..
You will be able to see her, hear of the updates...
That is more than perhaps other people may get ... not be any consolation...but HUGS to you and the famliy...