Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So there you have it....

Once again the insurance company has said no to keeping the claim active. Their reason...our doctor stated that Sean is better off active and could likely do something with re-training. Unfortunately, it's not up to the insurnace company to re-train him. Thanks doc, for being on our side....Sean had no intention of 'sitting on his ass' for the rest of his life, but he would have liked some time to figure out what it was he could do.
We went today to see the phsiatrist (a pain management specialist) and was told his pain is caused by the muscles that need to support his spine and the best way to fix it is swimming 3 times a week. They could also do nerve injections to numb it while he does these exercises if he'd like. OK, so now we have to join a program somewhere to be able to fix Sean's back in order for him to work, but if he doesn't work now, we can't afford to join anywhere. Nice eh!
We are tired of fighting for something we deserve when it seems like there isn't a hope in hell of it ever happening. It's so frustrating when I see people that have NO issues at all, and are screwing the system and getting away with it. Makes no sense.
So, enough whining and hoping that things will turn out the way they should. Time to take care of ourselves again. Sean has a high pain he's going to find work to support us, and hopefully so we don't lose our house. I guess if he can't do it, he can't and we'll go from there. The next step if working doesn't work, will be to get a lawyer and start proceedings against the insurance company.
Now all we need is some 'find a good paying job soon' we are out of time and the mortgage company isn't very compassionate!
Keep Smilin'


Chelle said...

What about long term disablility through the government? I am so sorry to hear this.

pajl said...

Awhhh sorry T...I really really hope you guys get a friggin break know..I will throw a prayer in there for you guys too...surely that can't hurt things?
Live ya T...xo