Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So, we are giving it one more try....

well, maybe not one more, but one more right now...We went to see Sean's doctor last week, and explained our situtation to him..although we shouldn't have had to. He agreed to send a detailed letter to the insurance company explaining exactly how Sean is , and how restricted he is with his pain. Cross your fingers that this finally works. We have started the paperwork to apply for a government disability. Believe me, I don' t want to have to sell my house! I will keep you posted :)
There is something I've been wanting to do , as soon as I discovered I had breast cancer. I want to walk in the 'Weekend To End All Women's Cancer'
You can check it out here--> http://www.endcancer.ca
My friend Nicole has already agreed to join my 'team' and walk with me. I'd love to be able to do the two day walk, but 60 km's (37 miles) is I think too ambitious in my first year. I'm still suffering from fatigue so doing the one day walk(32km's-19 miles) is going to be tough enough.
I think I mentioned before that Nicole was going to be moving away, and I've been a bit sad ever since. She's just one of those friends that regardless of how often or how scarce the visits are, we talk and talk and talk. I joked to Sean and said that we' d walk the 32km's without even noticing because we'd be talking so much!! SO...we are going for it. I need to think up a really cool name for our team. All sugestions are welcome!!
so, with that said, I can see LOTS of photo opportunities coming up, as well as LOTS and LOTS of training. Wish me luck..
I have yet another treatment this week...this will be #15 of 18..almost done.
I also have an appointment in April for my first mammogram since surgery and radiation. This is the big one...the one that will confirm that the cancer is gone. I"m pretty confident that it is, but I'll be glad to finally have the results!
Hope all is well in your parts of the world...
Keep Smilin'

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Hua said...

Looks like the finish line is in sight for you, best of luck.