Friday, March 18, 2011

Yah, it's Friday!!

Not that that means a whole lot, but it's my day off...for now anyway.
We did receive a letter from the insurance company this week, that our case has gone to the appeals division. Hopefully someone there has a brain in their head...but we'll know soon enough!
Sean is actually thinking about getting his licence to drive transport trucks. Driving isn't as big of an issue as long as what he's driving is comfortable, and like most men, he'll do whatever it takes to look after his family. We aren't sure if it's something he'll even be able to do, but it's something he's thinking about.
I'm registering for the Walk To End All Women's Cancers' this weekend too! I've started 'training' ...which will be good for me. One of my very bestest friends has committed to walking with me! How cool is that. Sean joked saying we'd walk the 32 km's and not even notice because we'd be talking so much hahahahahaha!!
Anyone wanna walk with us??? You are all more then welcome!
Nothing else really going week is a busy week. I have my echo cardiogram scheduled for Monday, Sean has an appointment Wednesday in Barrie with the Phsiatrist (not sure if that's how it's spelled) and then I have a doc appointment Thursday , and if the echo results are good, I'll have a treatment that day too! ONLY 3 MORE TO GO!!
We're off, have a great day!
Keep Smilin'

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