Monday, April 25, 2011

Another 5K down...

Damn, it feels good. Never thought I'd see the day that exercise felt good. I actually look forward to it. Nicole was away on the weekend, so we didn't get to walk (Yes, I could have done it alone...but it isn't near as much fun LOL )

I'm up to I think $300 in donations for the cool is that!!

Had Easter dinner with my family on Friday...turned out pretty good.

Sean started week 3 of his course. It's going awesome, he's passing his tests at 100% which is even cooler. I'm so freakin proud of him! Today he actually got to drive a big rig around Barrie...oh man he was like a kid in the candy store when he got home. He's so excited and it's so awesome to see that sparkle in his eyes again :)

3 more weeks until my grandson is born....and I'm getting very excited!!

Anyhoot...must run...Mike & Molly is on...and I'm in need of a good laugh!

Have a great night

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