Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Training Has Begun!!

Today was the first day of my friend Nicole's and my training for the cancer walk. We want to do the two day walk, which is 60 km's. It sounds like a HUGE undertaking, but we are so pumped to do it.

Went to a seminar yesterday, watched a video that made us cry and we were given a pink 'carry all' bag with the logo for the 'Weekend To End All Women's Cancers' on it.

The closing ceremonies are supposed to be something to we are pretty sure we are going to sign up for the two day walk.

People never really think of the cost involved in treating someone for a disease like cancer...but here's what I know so far.....

Each chemo costs approximately $3000. I had a total 12 chemo medicines. I'm also Her2 positive which means I'm on Herceptin...which is at a cost of $40 000 per patient. I have no idea what each radiation costs, but I had 22 of them, as well as surgery. I was also given a shot after each chemo to boost my white blood cells at a cost of $2500 each.

DO THE's insanely expensive. Why do the drugs cost so much..the research that goes into developing them, getting them approved..but I tell ya, I'll be forever grateful for everyone involved! The researchers, the nurses, the doctors, the surgeons, the oncologists....before this happened to me, I never realized what was involved. So if I can do a little bit in helping to raise money so someone else can beat this terrible disease, then that's what I'll do!!!

SO, today being day one of actual training, we did a 5K was AWESOME!! I feel great and on top of getting some much needed exercise, I'll be losing weight too!!!

Gotta run, bath is ready!!!

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pajl said...

Way to go T....How long did it take you to do the 5K?