Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm officially a grandmother :)

Noah Gerardo arrived on Thursday, May 19th at 3:09pm. He weighed 8lbs 15.5 oz's and was 21 inches long. Krystal was only in labour for 6 it wasn't too bad. Both mom and baby are healthy. Noah is jaundiced though, so they've had to stay in the hospital longer unfortunately.

I posted pics on Facebook, but haven't uploaded them to my computer yet but I will soon.

He's so adorable, and yes you probably think I'm biased and that's ok :)

May so far has been an amazing month. Here is everything that has happened or will happen in May

1. I was given the official word that I'm cancer free

2. Sean passed his training course for his 'A' licence

3. My daughter Krystal had her first baby , and made me a very proud grandma (even though I still think I'm way too young to be one ;) )

4. My daughter Reece will turn 14 on the 24th of May

It's been a struggle for the last few years with everything that's happened in our lives, but it looks like we might have finally turned the corner. Financially things are still pretty bad, and will be until Sean finds work...but hopefully that'll happen sooner rather then later. I'm not looking forward to him being 'out on the road' but we are both looking forward to being independent again and paying off our bills!

Today we are headed over to some friends, only about a 7 minute drive away. We have our trailers all set up there, and plan to spend the night because we do plan on having a few drinks. Reece has a friend over so they'll have fun too!.

Tomorrow we are heading to Canada's Wonderland to drop Reece and her friend off. It's where she wanted to go for her birthday. I think Sean and I will go visit his grandma in Oshawa while the girls are having fun. I want to go visit Krystal too and see my new grandson ;)

Well I'm off, need to shower and get ready to go. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend to all those celebrating!!!

Keep Smilin'

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*Desi* said...

I hope the positive continues in your life T!!! Congrats on all of your great news!!!!