Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm so honoured, and completely humbled...

Last night, Reece had a soccer practice. Sean and I had some running around to do, so we did it. The coach had told me the girls were getting their uniforms last night too. We arrived back at the practice with a few minutes to spare, and as soon as the coach saw us, he came over carrying the jersey's, one each of the home and away...the home is orange and the away jersey is white.

On the top left corner there is a pink breast cancer ribbon. I asked the coach if this was because of me. He said that the club found out about me, and went ahead and did this. They also donated $2500 to breast cancer research here in Ontario.

I'll take pics when I can , but I'll tell ya, It brought a tear to my eyes last night. I'm amazed all the time when the generosity of people I would never have thought about comes to light.

Someday with any kind of luck at all..this disease will be history..

we can only hope xoxo

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